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Mapping the brain circuitry

Enormous progress have been made in the last twenty years in our understanding of the brain by the discovery of technologies that can provide better and better maps of the brain structure. The Human Connectome project aims at creating a comprehensive map of neural interconnections and has already delivered impressive images of …

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Seeing what you are looking at

The research carried out at the University of Toronto Scarborough seems to come from a science fiction book. The researchers wanted to look inside a “brain” to see what the brain was seeing, i.e. the image the eyes of that person were transmitting to the brain. The results have been …

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Delivering right on the spot … in the brain

We are making good progress in identifying neural circuits in our brain, small areas responsible for the execution of specific tasks. It is not always the case, actually several tasks are involving many areas in different regions of the brain. Also in this case, however, specific regions host neural circuits …

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Will there be a Valentine day for robots?

In most part of the world people are celebrating Valentine day with their … Valentine. As I am getting ready to discuss with several colleagues at the Future Direction Committee meeting the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems initiative I couldn’t help to wonder if this day could also be a day (in …

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The Atomristor is here!

The Moore’s law has reached its endpoint (since 2014 the economics no longer works, i.e. the cost per transistor no longer halves as its dimension shrinks and its shrinking is also slowing down). Researchers are at work to find alternative to silicon and to current architectures. One way being explored …

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