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Nano particles as sensor in the brain

Many feel that the next decade will be the one of the brain, reaching a tipping point where we will eventually understand how the brain works. A number of mega-projects are active each one following a slightly different approach. All of them require more raw data on what it is …

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Mind uploading vs Mind Virtualisation I

Mind uploading, i.e. the possibility to transfer all memories, thoughts and feelings from a person’s brain to a computer, has been the realm of science fiction[1]till few years ago. The development of technologies that allow the monitoring of the brain as it “works” have moved the field from science fiction …

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Simulating the human brain: an exascale effort

As of Spring 2018 the fastest computer is the Sunway Taihulight, Wuxi – China. It has 10,649,600 processing cores, clustered in group of 260 each and delivering an overall performance of 125.44 PetaFLOPS (million of billions of instructions per second) requiring some 20MW of power. In the US the National …

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Processing spikes from one million neurones

In 2016 DARPA announced a program aiming at creating technologies to capture the brain’s activity at high resolution, meaning that one could look at activities of single neurones. The first target is to “read” up to a million neurones in parallel and researchers are confident that will be achieved at …

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Jumping into the void: Vitrifixation

In the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative we are looking at human augmentation technologies, including the ones that are at an early experimental stage but might become impactful in the coming decades. Among these we are looking at development in brain to computer interactions, digital twins, artificial intelligence and distributed / …

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