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How fast does glass break?

First Winter day (or Summer day if you are down under) and so it is appropriate to “freeze”. Actually, it is not freezing in the way of cold, rather freezing in the way of slowing down something that we probably watched many times but we never actually see what happened …

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Artificial (Intelligence) Creativity

We, humans, have the capability of creating, imagining, inventing something out of the blue, or so we like to think. Computers can only do what they have been programmed to do. Yet, when neurologists look at the human brain, using advanced monitoring technologies, they tell us a different story, as …

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Self, selves and emerging self -III

Digital twins – The computational brain hypotheses We are used to computers built with chips in silicon. However, we also had computers made of vacuum tubes, others made with relays, even mechanical computers using levers and gears. Those were in the past, today we have molecular computers and on the …

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Self, selves and emerging self -II

Mind’s I – Our cognitive self We know more than the ownership of our body, that’s my hand, that’s where it is right now, that is where I want it to be next. We know that we are “we”. We can think about ourselves and we know that we are …

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TTM 2018 Overview – II

Keeping on the reporting from TTM 2018. Neuroscience and Brain The evolution of Brain Machine Interfaces is expected to progress at an accelerated pace in the coming decade, thanks to a multitude of research endeavor in many parts of the world. Work is progressing both in the area of non-invasive …

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SAS Delphi results – Bio-augmented Machines

Area 4 – Bio augmented Machines The use of bio (carbon based and living cells) has been on the researchers’ bench for a while with experiment on merging neurons on chip to leverage on qualitatively different sort of computation. The evolution of bio-interfaces will support a variety of interactions potentially …

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Brain to brain interface: where are we?

Brain to Computer Interfaces (BCI) have progressed quite a bit both in the “hardware” part increasing sensing resolution and capabilities and the “software” part making it possible to make sense out of the electrical signals detected. Today it is possible to control a robotic arm with thoughts helping people with …

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Perceptive Teleportation

“Beam me up Scotty”, some of you might remember this catchphrase from Star Trek where teleportation was a convenient “commodity” to move people from a planet to the the Enterprise space ship. If you take a look at the “technology” that was imagined at that time (and it was a …

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Transhumanism: Evolving Human Behaviour

I am no sociologist at all but as we are considering technology evolution and their impact in the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative, the societal aspects are clearly important. These are issues that will be discussed both at the Workshop on SAS preceding the TTM 2018 conference to be held in …

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