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The weight of bits

Just three weeks ago an article was published on Phys.org reporting on a study by Melvin Vopson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Portsmouth, and his reflection on the nature of bits, considering the mass energy equivalence (Einstein), the application of thermodynamics to …

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An amazing peek into a fruit-fly brain

The human brain is being studied by big consorzia in project funded by governments in Asia, Europe and US. The Human Connectome is working to develop a complete map of the connectivity network among our brain’s neurones, a seemingly impossible feat. Smaller initiatives are popping up in many places and …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces VI

2. Extending the brain area where signals are captured Although we like to identify specific areas of the brain and associate them to specific function, like speech, hearing, reasoning, emotion, the brain structure is massively diffused. Yes there can be a prevalent area where a specific function is processed (emerge) …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces V

Less invasive physical interface and better electrodes to pick up the signals The challenge facing researchers and medical doctors today when looking for interfacing the brain is the tradeoff between invasiveness procedures and implants versus lower resolution and increased noise. If you embed an electrode in the brain that electrode …

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Artificial Reality is changing our Reality – I

Just few days ago I attended a think tank team on the topic “Are Social Media and Screens changing our Brain?” organised by Osservatorio Tuttimedia. These the points I offered to the discussion. ============ Brains, not just the ones filling our humans’ skulls, have evolved through million of years through …

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AI is becoming a marketing word and it’s a pity -II

The dream of creating an artificial brain, artificial in the sense that we are “manufacturing” it rather than mother Nature, is still there, intact. In these 60 years thousands and thousands of researchers and scientists have explored many avenues to fulfil the dream. They have teamed up with neurologists, biologists, …

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Virtual, Augmented and … Delayed Reality

Our brain is constantly seeking to understand the environment, not in terms of asking profound questions about existence (this is a peculiar pastime we have invented over the last 10,000 years) rather in terms of capturing reality and taking action if action is needed (fight or flee). The information coming …

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