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Have we reached the limit of our brains? – I

Just after yesterday’s post I was pointed to a NYT article discussing the possible limits of our brain in terms of storage and processing (that would be computer geek parlance, in lay terms: its limits in remembering and understanding) and of ways to overcome those limits. The article is titled …

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It’s way more complex than expected

When computer started to become part of our imagination, some 60-70 years ago, people called them “electronic brains” and the next step was to associate the transistor to the neurone. Physiologists told that a neurone works like a switch, upon reception of signals got excited and the “fired” stimulating other …

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From gene editing to gene writing

The discovery of the DNA first and the sequencing of the human genome have created huge expectation for a future where it would be possible to radically cure/stop genetic diseases (and there are over 6,000 genetic disorders already identified). Clearly the first step is to understand what might be wrong …

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Sono-Optogenetcs for Brain Computer Interface

A new technology, sono-optogenetics, is being experimented to support brain-computer interfaces -BCI. BCI aims at capturing the brain activity, convert it into bits and provide these bits to a computer for analysing what is going on, eventually what you are thinking.  Let’s clarify that we are still very – very …

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Towards a true symbioses

An Aston University led consortium has won a funding of 3.5 M€ from the European Commission to explore the possibility of using natural neurones (and neurones networks) in conjunction with silicon chips to improve computation resulting in artificial intelligence. Now, this goal is not just ambitious, it is in the …

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Megatrends for this decade XXV

17. Brain Computer Interfaces The connection of our brain to a computer was in a way imprinted in the name that many gave to the earlier ideas of computers: “Electronic Brains”. If they are both “brains” it makes sense to look for a connection among them: easier said than done. …

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The weight of bits

Just three weeks ago an article was published on Phys.org reporting on a study by Melvin Vopson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Portsmouth, and his reflection on the nature of bits, considering the mass energy equivalence (Einstein), the application of thermodynamics to …

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An amazing peek into a fruit-fly brain

The human brain is being studied by big consorzia in project funded by governments in Asia, Europe and US. The Human Connectome is working to develop a complete map of the connectivity network among our brain’s neurones, a seemingly impossible feat. Smaller initiatives are popping up in many places and …

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