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“Brain” controlled robotic arms

The quest towards Brain Computer Interfaces continues. At John Hopkins University researchers have implanted six electrodes in the brain, 3 in each hemisphere, of a paraplegic patient. The electrodes captures the electrical activity of the brain and send the data via an external gateway (see photo) to a computer for …

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Megatrends for this decade XXV

17. Brain Computer Interfaces The connection of our brain to a computer was in a way imprinted in the name that many gave to the earlier ideas of computers: “Electronic Brains”. If they are both “brains” it makes sense to look for a connection among them: easier said than done. …

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Human AI Symbioses

I listened to an interview to Elon Musk, watch the clip, where he was asked about his new venture, Neuralink, objective. The journalists asked if he was aiming at implanting a chip in our brain that would enable the transfer of knowledge to from the brain. Elon Musk said yes, …

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The colours of sound

I hope you took the time to watch the clip in yesterday’s post. I have to say I watched it several times because of its power to make me think. As I explained yesterday he co-designed the skull implant to have the possibility of seeing the colours of the world …

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