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“Brain” controlled robotic arms

The quest towards Brain Computer Interfaces continues. At John Hopkins University researchers have implanted six electrodes in the brain, 3 in each hemisphere, of a paraplegic patient. The electrodes captures the electrical activity of the brain and send the data via an external gateway (see photo) to a computer for …

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Printing connections to the brain

The dream to connect a brain with a computer has roots in the past, first part of science fiction and more recently morphing into real science and technology. There are many aspects involved in this connection from sensing to understanding (brain to computer) and from coding to reaching the right …

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Brain and computer learning together

Brain Computer Interfaces work at two levels, hard and soft. Each one fuels the other and both are needed to establish an effective communications. The hard part captures the electrical activity of neurones, the soft part interprets this activity to derive the meaning. Getting more accurate and selective data on …

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Looking inside a neurone

Progress in science occurs through analyses of data. The more data you have the more you can test hypotheses and ideas. It does not matter if you are looking at black holes in distant galaxies or into a cell. This is why getting data is so important. And technology progress …

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