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The pervasive impact of Biotech – V

Synthetic Biology was born at the turn of the century but it got serious in 2010 when researchers at the JCVI (J.Craig Venter Institute) were able to create, by syntheses, the first fully working bacteria genome. The problem facing synthetic biology was to move from “syntheses by chance” to an …

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The pervasive impact of Biotech – IV

Biotech has become an important tool in several industrial areas: advanced materials energy advanced manufacturing healthcare In addition it is a contributor to the circular economy and to sustainable development. Synthetic chemistry has made enormous progress and this has resulted in the amazing variety of materials that we have today. …

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The pervasive impact of Biotech – III

Agricultural Biotech aims at improving the yield of agriculture by increasing plant growth and adapting them to the specific environment. This includes creating a resistance to insects (pests) and to herbicides (used to kill competing plants). The selection process is nothing new. It started, probably by chance, some 10,000 years …

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The pervasive impact of Biotech – II

Our environment is what, in the far away past, gave rise to life and life in turns transformed it, sometimes creating the condition for new types of life to appear (cyanobacteria led to the oxygen atmosphere we have today that fostered the appearance of more complex life) and quite often …

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The pervasive impact of Biotech – I

The World Economic Forum has addressed several times in the last few years the area of biotech and has recently published an infographic highlighting the variety of impacts in several areas. Indeed the convergence of processing power, big data, artificial intelligence makes possible to open new doors into the “carbon” …

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Disruptive Technologies available today for the Smart Planet

Let’s keep exploring technologies available today that are likely to disrupt the market, as presented in the Imperial College foresight study’s table of technology disruptions. In the cluster of Smart Planet the researchers have considered the Deep ocean wind farms, Vertical Agriculture, Wireless energy transfer, Concentrated solar power, Micro-scale ambient …

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