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Sono-Optogenetcs for Brain Computer Interface

A new technology, sono-optogenetics, is being experimented to support brain-computer interfaces -BCI. BCI aims at capturing the brain activity, convert it into bits and provide these bits to a computer for analysing what is going on, eventually what you are thinking.  Let’s clarify that we are still very – very …

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Walking again with an exoskeleton

Millions of people have lower-limb paralyses limiting their movement possibility and affecting the life of their families (in addition to limiting their possibility to find a job). The Toyota Mobility Foundation set up a 4 million $ challenge in 2017 to come up with effective devices that could overcome this …

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The Internet of Senses

Ericsson has published a short report (sort of commercial for 5G) on “Hot consumer trends in 2030“. Let me say, transparently, that I would place that more in the realm of imagination than in the one of science, closer to fake news than to news (even the graphics used have …

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“Brain” controlled robotic arms

The quest towards Brain Computer Interfaces continues. At John Hopkins University researchers have implanted six electrodes in the brain, 3 in each hemisphere, of a paraplegic patient. The electrodes captures the electrical activity of the brain and send the data via an external gateway (see photo) to a computer for …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces XI

In the previous posts I pointed out the current status and limitations of BCI, Brain Computer Interface, showing that at the moment there is a tradeoff to be taken between higher precision and sensitivity provided by implanted electrodes/chip and non invasive interfaces. I also pointed out that at present interfacing …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces IX

Interfacing with our senses, skipping the sensors In the previous post I shared my doubts on the feasibility of establishing a direct connection from a computer to the brain, at least in the foreseeable future and pointed out that a much more promising approach, already followed, is to take over …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces VII

3. Decreasing the training time for the person and improving computer sensitivity (intelligence) As noted in previous posts, current technology is not sufficient to translate the brain electrical activity, captured by sensors, into meaning. Significant progress has been made, thanks to better signal processing capability and more recently by applying …

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