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Neurograins: a wireless network ON your brain

A team of researchers from Brown, Baylor University, University of California at San Diego and Qualcomm has been working in the past four years on a new approach to interface with the brain. So far BCIs make use of electrodes (implanted, or positioned inside/outside the skull) that can sense electrical …

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Sono-Optogenetcs for Brain Computer Interface

A new technology, sono-optogenetics, is being experimented to support brain-computer interfaces -BCI. BCI aims at capturing the brain activity, convert it into bits and provide these bits to a computer for analysing what is going on, eventually what you are thinking.  Let’s clarify that we are still very – very …

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Walking again with an exoskeleton

Millions of people have lower-limb paralyses limiting their movement possibility and affecting the life of their families (in addition to limiting their possibility to find a job). The Toyota Mobility Foundation set up a 4 million $ challenge in 2017 to come up with effective devices that could overcome this …

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The Internet of Senses

Ericsson has published a short report (sort of commercial for 5G) on “Hot consumer trends in 2030“. Let me say, transparently, that I would place that more in the realm of imagination than in the one of science, closer to fake news than to news (even the graphics used have …

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“Brain” controlled robotic arms

The quest towards Brain Computer Interfaces continues. At John Hopkins University researchers have implanted six electrodes in the brain, 3 in each hemisphere, of a paraplegic patient. The electrodes captures the electrical activity of the brain and send the data via an external gateway (see photo) to a computer for …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces XI

In the previous posts I pointed out the current status and limitations of BCI, Brain Computer Interface, showing that at the moment there is a tradeoff to be taken between higher precision and sensitivity provided by implanted electrodes/chip and non invasive interfaces. I also pointed out that at present interfacing …

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