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Sensing your brain activity

The quest for an effective brain computer interface is still on, current solutions are still far from ideal. The more we can get sensors closer to the brain activities, and the more sensors, the better. On the other hand I wouldn’t (and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t too) have …

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Layering the Metaverse

There is a lot of talk, and hype,  on the Metaverse. Also, what is, rather could be, the Metaverse is a point of discussion. In the Digital Reality Initiative we focussed on something that to us looks like a pretty good definition of the Metaverse: Digital Reality. At first glance …

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2023: hardwiring your brain to the Metaverse

Neuralink has been working on connecting the brain to a computer for some years now. It has made a number of announcements over the past two years demonstrating the workability of their ideas and prototypes on animals (to take a look at their technology watch the clip). Now they are …

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AR to Augment winning chances at poker

Augmented Reality is great, no doubt about it. It let us merge the digital with the physical space. The problem today is that we are missing “tools” that can make this bridge seamless. Sure, I can use my smartphone (and I use it from time to time) to get a …

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High def electrocorticography

A cross disciplinary team at the university of California San Diego, comprising surgeons, engineers and researchers, announced the development of a membrane designed to pick up electrical activity from the brain cortex with a never before achieved spatial resolution. The membrane is a thin pliable foil embedding nanorods of platinum …

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Human Machine Symbioses

MIT has just announced the establishment of a new research centre, the Lisa Yang Centre for Bionics,  focussing on the fusion of  human body and advanced technology aiming at overcoming disabilities. This includes use of exoskeletons and brain computer interfaces. The centre start with an initial funding of 24 M$ …

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Neurograins: a wireless network ON your brain

A team of researchers from Brown, Baylor University, University of California at San Diego and Qualcomm has been working in the past four years on a new approach to interface with the brain. So far BCIs make use of electrodes (implanted, or positioned inside/outside the skull) that can sense electrical …

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