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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XI – Digital Fashion

Digital Fashion The FTI’s report presents an interesting scenario on the evolution of fashion: the emergence of digital fashion, flanking the usual one. That this scenario is rot a figment of the imagination can be seen considering that a number of companies, including the big brands, have started to invest …

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Do you need a copilot? Linda is ready

In the last few weeks I have flown a Cessna 172. I started from Italy for a round the world tour, so far I have reached Iran and I have enjoyed amazing landscapes from the green hills of Lebanon, the many islands in Greece to the deserts of Saudi Arabia. …

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Outliving our body

Aaron Elster was a Holocaust surviver. He had a concern, expressed in several interviews, that once he and all the other who lived the Holocaust would have gone, the memory of that tragedy would fade away. Yes, it was engraved in books but one thing is to read about it …

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Virtual Holoportation

Over 15 years ago I was fortunate of working at the Future Centre with a team of young people from all over the world attracted to Venice and to the opportunity of envisaging the (a possible) future. One of the future scenarios that was created was about a grandfather and …

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Holoportation is -almost-here!

I read a few articles on Portl, watched a few video clips (there is one at the end of this post) and I should say I am impressed. It seems too good to be true, and as the say goes may be it is not. I sent request for contact …

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What if Mona Lisa starts to talk?

I have seen quite a bit of talking avatar, animation that sometimes look like the real thing and some other times are clearly intended to represent an artefact. What surprised me when I saw the video clip (watch it) was the amazing capability of endowing a life into a still …

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