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Building automation: from construction to operation

Building construction is on an automation path: we have seen 3D printed houses, IoTs disseminated in new constructions (and retrofitted to existing ones) to support remote monitoring and operation and a growing number of constructions associated to Digital Twins from the design phase up to operations (watch the clip). Now …

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Truck driver: a desk job

Einride, a Swedish company operating the largest fleet of electric trucks in Europe, has started testing autonomous (electric) trucks in the US. Trucks are supervised by a truck driver sitting in an office in front of a large screen (watch the clip) that makes him feel like he is actually …

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Roads move to the sky

Small drones have become so ubiquitous that legislators all around the world are scrambling to regulate their (invasive) presence. Apart, obviously, from airspace near airports their presence is also forbidden in several places. Some Countries are requiring a registration and rules on their flights. It is not just the small …

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Autonomous Systems on rails

A month ago I reported on the plan to activate a fully autonomous train in Hamburg on the S-Bahn by Deutsche Bahn (it will start operation in the first week of December 2021). Now I spotted a news of testing in Japan the possibility to have the Bullet train (operating …

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Learning from geese

When it comes to optimise flying effort geese are smart. They fly in an arrow formation, the flock has a leading goose (it leads for a while and then another replaces it) and several others forming an arrow shaped flock (these front flying geese are also replaced at short time …

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2025 Outlook: Revamping infrastructures – III

In a recent post I reported on the scheduled activation of the first autonomous train on the S-Bahn network in Hamburg. This is an example of the interest to revamp existing infrastructures by companies and institutions all over the world. Another example is the plan for the electrification of 2,000 …

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A robot with a bee brain

At the turn of the century (2006) IBM launched a project to map the human brain as a starting point to create a “cognitive computer”. It was clear from the beginning that it was an impossible dream, yet the hope was that pursuing it would increase our knowledge of the computational structures …

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