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A robot can carry your groceries

The French Supermarket chain FranPrix is testing robot shopping delivery in the XIII Arrondissement in Paris. Their plans are to start running the test first  with three robots in one of their stores that will be helping people with some movement impairment (hence having problems in moving stuff from the …

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A robot to pick up apples from a tree

Ever walked in an orchard and, feeling a bit like Adam, picked up a nice apple? What could be easier than that. You see the tree, all the nice apples hanging around, you just need to choose the one looking nicer, and probably tastier , stretch your arm and you …

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Robots apply for janitor jobs, and are hired!

Walmart announced the hiring of 360 janitors for its stores in US. This makes the news because the janitors are not human beings, rather robots endowed with artificial intelligence. Indeed, these will be smart robots. They will sweep the floor and will also collect data as they move along the …

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Cooperative 3D printing

3D printing is able to manufacture (additive manufacturing) from tiny parts to big turbine fan and even be able to print a whole house. Whatever is printed, however, has be be “smaller” than the printer. This has been an accepted fact so far. Now, however, a research team at Nanyang …

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Robots Swarm inspecting your airplane engines

Today, inspecting an airplane engine is a complicated endeavour. Before any take off engines are inspected on the outside, looking for tell tale signs of problems. It is not possible, however, to look inside. This is done when a major check is scheduled. To look inside several parts of the …

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Self driving vehicles: a disruption in the making V

Car manufacturers have already started to wonder how to re-invent themselves at a time when the value perception of their customers will be significantly different and new players might be better placed to offer the new values sought by customers. The shrinking of the market for vehicles (with an expected …

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