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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers VI

Progressive automation of existing infrastructures Over the years and decades we have been leveraging on computer to monitor infrastructures, analyse operation and performance data and take corrective actions. As infrastructure components have become more and more flexible (computerised, smart, accessible, reconfigurable) we have gain the power to make more and …

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Autonomous Systems in Finance

Finance is, today, a business in the cyberspace. Autonomous Agents –AA- and Artificial Intelligence have already changed the landscape and will further change it in the next decade. Kensho’s Artificial Intelligence Investment Analyses platform has been acquired by S&P for 550 million $, the largest price tag on an artificial …

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Disruptive Technologies available today for Extreme Automation

Automation has becoming more and more sophisticated, it basically started with the Industrial Revolution with tools carrying out part of the workers activities, and it really boomed with computers. Now it is progressing even faster under three main enabling (broad) technology areas: sensors, actuators and artificial intelligence. The disruptive technologies …

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Portable neural network devices

I remember, it was a long time ago, the discussion on the advantage of going digital in sound coding (and then reproduction) and we actually ended up with digital winning hands down in all the music sector. Still a number of people resisted the idea claiming that analogue remained better …

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