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Helping autism with deep learning enhanced robots

Rosalind Picard and her team at MIT launched several years ago research in the area of affective computing, computers that can interact with humans taking into account the emotional level of the person interacting with them. They were designed also in ways to appeal and stimulate interaction, like having an …

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Do you speak “baby”?

I still remember, back in 2002, the hit on the Japanese market of an app, Bowlingual, that could be used on a cellphone (or through a separate device) to connect to your dog. The dog had sensors in the collar (a microphone plus movement sensors able to detect the wagging …

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Deep Brain Stimulation

It is well known that electrical fields affect the working of the brain, by interfering with the electrical fields generated by the neurones. Scientists have proved over and over that stimulating specific area of the brain leads to a change in the behaviour. Advances have been made in deep brain …

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