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AR now understands 3D objects

Current software libraries for AR, the ones programmers are using to speed up their work, support the creation of a layer where one can insert artefact, digital entities, to overlay of real objects captured by, as an example, the camera of your smartphone. You point your smartphone to a building …

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Turning 2D into 3D through AR in surgery

OK, let me start apologising for the title. A bit too cryptic, but it captures the essence of this news. Surgeons have now available plenty of images. most of them rendering of data analyses by a computer. These images are displayed on screens (even film images like radiography are displayed …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIII

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) II I just mentioned in the previous post the relevance given by industry to platforms and ecosystems. Actually, the two are connected or, better, have to be connected to match industry interest. A platform provides its services through APIs -Application Programming Interface. For …

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