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Pervasive AI in Industry 4.0

I recently re-read the interview given by Henrik von Scheel (considered to be the inventor of the concept of Industry 4.0) back in 2018, one and half year ago and stopped reflecting on its validity now. The name of Industry 4.0 was actually a marketing label for a report prepared …

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AR market gets a boost from pandemic

Augmented Reality is … real. there are now plenty of applications like: Surgery training and surgery assistance. Companies like Medacta are releasing tools and platforms to deliver AR (and VR) to surgeons and training students. Just few days ago the first knee replacement surgery was successfully completed using AR to …

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Planning for the new World – II

Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution We are already in the path of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the one characterised by a merging of the physical, digital and -at least for some- biological world. Personally I tend to limit the characterisation to the merging of physical and digital leaving the merging …

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So many Big Brothers… IV

Entertainment It used to be the national television and radio programs and the providers new basically nothing about me (the state, in Italy, knew you had a television set because they charged you an annual “tax” on that). Now, I subscribe to Netflix, to Apple TV, to Amazon Prime, and …

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I see you have some fever

Do you remember Google Glass? They are still around but nowhere to be seen except in some labs and workshops (plus some surgery room…). The problem with those glasses was they made people uncomfortable, the feeling of being “watched” created a rejection and several stores and public places displayed notices …

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Seeing through AI

Being locked down at home, courtesy of the epidemic, I spent a few hours trying out a number of apps I downloaded on my smartphone that claim to be able to recognise objects in the surrounding using the smartphone camera and some sort of AI. Overall I had fun, but …

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Living apart together

LAT has been a growing trend over the past few years. LAT stands for Living Apart Together and refers to couple in a stable relation that for any of a number of reasons choose to not live in the same house (some are stretching the LAT also to couple using …

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