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What can I print you for dinner?

Using 3D printed to “produce” meat is not new. We have seen several companies cultivating animals and plants cells and then printing them into what looks like meat. Usually what you get is meat that can be used for hamburgers or, in more advanced cases, as steaks. Now scientists at …

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Would you like a Vish for dinner?

I am seeing more and more news on 3D printing food. A recent report from ResearchAndMarkets forecasts a growth from 485 million $ expected in 2020 to 1 billion in 2025. So far most of the talks have been hopes enveloped in marketing, aimed mostly at Venture Capital. There are …

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Transhumanisms: Evolving the Human Body V

Optimised diet We already have plenty of “apps” to help in monitoring our food “intake” and advising on what would be best for us and for the kind of activities we are planning. They just represent a starting point for what it might be possible tomorrow. Do you like nightmares? …

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