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Eye care? Let AI give a hand

Technology progress in medicine is providing more and more data, which is great. At the same time these data need to be processed and … understood. Take the Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT). It allows an ophthalmologist to look at a patient’s retina with micro-metric resolution, both the surface of the …

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A robot to pick up apples from a tree

Ever walked in an orchard and, feeling a bit like Adam, picked up a nice apple? What could be easier than that. You see the tree, all the nice apples hanging around, you just need to choose the one looking nicer, and probably tastier , stretch your arm and you …

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From virtual to real …with AI

OK, rather than reading this post you should start by looking at the clip provided by NVIDIA explaining how they have used Artificial Intelligence to let people create images that look like real photos. I think that is just amazing. So, watch it! Now, if you paid attention to the …

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A 2,500$ steak

It is now a few years that some start ups are busy trying to find a way to attack what is a 200B$ market: the production of meat, a business that has gotten more and more like a factory than cattle and fowl breeding. It is a business that is …

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