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AI searching the genome to look for ancestors

An article published in 2013 on SciNews hinted at a third lineage of humans, in addition to Denisovans and Neanderthals, that our ancestors interbred with and whose genetic footprint remains in our genome. The growing availability of sequenced genomes is allowing scientists to play paleontologists, that is modern ones, not …

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Crowdsourced weather

If you can just remember the kind of weather forecast we had 50 years ago (and the various jokes on them, like “we have reached close to 90% accuracy on yesterday’s weather forecast….”) it is surely amazing the increased accuracy we have today. This is not true everywhere though. Remote …

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Are collaborative robots fading away?

2018 has closed with the demise of Baxter (and Sayer) the first collaborative robots created back in 2012 by Rethinking Robotics. At the end of October 2018 the company announced it was closing down since they failed to be acquired by a bigger robotic company and were no longer able …

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Grocery is coming to your doorstep, autonomously

As a few (big) companies are working on making self driving cars safe and affordable a few (small) companies are looking at the delivery market with autonomous vehicles. Nuro has started delivering grocery in Scottsdale, Az, at Fry’s store in partnership with Kroger, the giant food store chain in the …

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AI Renaissance?

Artificial Intelligence has seen a number of cycles of enthusiasm followed by disillusion, with a major peak in interest in the sixties and a major trough in the eighties. Since the turn of the century interest in AI has kept growing fuelled by an approach that leverages on massive data …

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Augmented … Chickens

Humans have changed their ecosystem in many ways, we see signs everywhere and yet we are so used to the here and now that we don’t even notice the profound changes we made. Take chickens, as a point in case. I remember some 30 years ago I went to Cuba …

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