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Keep an eye on water leaks

The amount of water that gets wasted is amazingly huge. Losing a fourth of drinkable water is not unusual for cities (Mexico City is wasting 44%, Glasgow and Naples 37%, Montreal 33% and Rome 26% just to give an idea – but Amsterdam is wasting just 4%). The reasons are …

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Autonomous Agriculture

Our world is so much different from the past but I think that one of the thing that would strike one of our great-great grandfathers if they were to come back and walk around would be seeing the incredible magic of cultivated fields with no one tending them and the …

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AI is becoming a marketing word and it’s a pity -VII

Home Intelligence If there is an area where AI hype is in full swing that is the home environment. We are bombarded by intelligent vacuum cleaners, intelligent microwave ovens,… even intelligent toobrush. True to tell, some advertisers downplay the intelligence a bit and talk about “smart”: the smart kitchen, the smart …

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I don’t know about you but I often wonder as I am talking on the phone to a person I never met how that person would look like. Is the voice pointing to a specific age, to some specific traits? Of course it is in general easy to tell a …

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AI is becoming a marketing word and it’s a pity -IV

Having discussed the current approach to Artificial Intelligence and noted that we can create smarter system by endowing them with Machine Learning (Machine Learning is based on Artificial Intelligence but not all Artificial Intelligence embeds Machine Learning, however I suspect that this latter will become more and more part of …

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AI is becoming a marketing word and it’s a pity -III

The impressive evolution of artificial intelligence, evaluated in terms of areas of application and of its increasing “smartness”, is,  mostly, the result of an increased  processing power and an increased access to data. This represents, as previously mentioned, a departure from the idea of finding the key to intelligence in …

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