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Digital Therapeutics

If you split the total cost of healthcare based on what is ensuring your health you’ll discover something interesting: 20% is attributable to medical cure, including visits, exams, prescriptions 20-30% relates to your lifestyle, what you eat, drink, exercise, smoke (not smoke), positive attitude,… the remaining 50%+ is related to …

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Designing chip layout with AI

The complexity of designing microchips keeps growing. We have chips today that embeds more than a billion transistors and you need to connect them with one another in very specific ways to get the kind of circuits you need. Let’s get this straight. It is now a long time that …

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From gene editing to gene writing

The discovery of the DNA first and the sequencing of the human genome have created huge expectation for a future where it would be possible to radically cure/stop genetic diseases (and there are over 6,000 genetic disorders already identified). Clearly the first step is to understand what might be wrong …

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The car’s mind

One of the problem we are facing when talking with one another is to know what the other person “knows” (or perceive). It pops up once in a while when it is clear that there is a misunderstanding, most of the time this misunderstanding does not exist (or, more likely, …

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From sketch to photorealistic image

Back in March 2019, 2 years ago, NVIDIA released a software, GauGAN, that making use of Generative Adversarial Networks could transform a sketch made using a variety of brushes and palettes into a photorealistic image. Now NVIDIA has stepped up with a new application, Canvas, that can let you create …

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Drones swarm in action

The Israeli attack to Gaza in mid-May 2021, was probably the first example of using drone swarm technology in the field. I am looking at it only from the technical side leaving out all (most important) aspects of “right vs wrong” usage. Each drone is an autonomous system with its …

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Ready to taste a Google cake, courtesy of AI?

What can you do with artificial intelligence? Create new cakes is an example! Google has noticed a spike of interest in baking recipe (people searching for them) during the pandemic and people lock-down. A team of researchers have started to look into the search data using AI to detect what …

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Going beyond impossible: 2nm chip technology

Today’s most advanced  chip technology is based on a 5nm (5 billionth of a meter) thickness of etching. For comparison the first Intel 4040 was using a 10µm technology (2,000 times “thicker”!). Going beyond that raises many issues that have led to the assumption of “close to impossible”. Going below …

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