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Neurograins may be the future of BCI

Neurograin chips contain a coil-shaped on-chip antenna at their perimeters. The antenna surrounds uplink and downlink circuits that transmit and receive at megabits-per-second data rates.  Brain Computer Interfaces have been around for several years and have benefitted from evolution in both sensors, communication and signal processing domains. Underlying these evolutions …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – II

A parallel FDC IEEE Initiative, started at about the same time as Digital Reality, the focus was on the augmentation of machines that is happening at the same time as augmentation of humans (and I just finished a number of posts on that), the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative. Here the …

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Is AI in Healthcare at the end of the rainbow?

A (not exhaustive) industry landscape of AI in Healthcare. Image credit: Emily Kuo, Techburst In these last few months I wrote a number of posts on the growing role Artificial Intelligence is playing in Healthcare and even more important the ones that it will be playing in the coming decades. …

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6G and AI likely to go hand in hand

The digital transformation is shifting more and more value to the cyberspace (not because the cyberspace is -per sé- more valuable but because it is much more convenient to carry put business in the cyberspace, and as biz moves to the cyberspace this one gets more and more valuable). This, …

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Nice book, written by a computer!

Automation is progressing, widening its reach to fields we would have never considered as a target. Writing a book? No way, it takes a human, and a good one at that. Yet, this is what just happened. Springer Nature has published a Machine Generated summary on the status of the …

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And Ai begot AI

Kaggle is a website (and a company) dedicated to data scientists where data science projects are published to exchange experience. It is becoming addictive if you are in the field and this is further enhanced by competitions that are being set up challenging those passionate in leveraging data in finding new, …

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