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Epidemics move fast, knowledge can move faster

Even before the coronavirus hits newspapers headlines scientists have been at work on the one hand to understand the virus in all its implication and looking for a vaccine and on the other hand in looking at the crystal ball to anticipate its diffusion patterns. Today the crystal ball has …

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A human OS for AI

Telecommunications have killed distance, I can talk to a person that is 10,000 km away, assuming she is not sleeping because of time difference 😉 , but I cannot talk one on one to two people at the same time. I cannot duplicate myself. At least, that was the case, …

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An amazing peek into a fruit-fly brain

The human brain is being studied by big consorzia in project funded by governments in Asia, Europe and US. The Human Connectome is working to develop a complete map of the connectivity network among our brain’s neurones, a seemingly impossible feat. Smaller initiatives are popping up in many places and …

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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers VI

Progressive automation of existing infrastructures Over the years and decades we have been leveraging on computer to monitor infrastructures, analyse operation and performance data and take corrective actions. As infrastructure components have become more and more flexible (computerised, smart, accessible, reconfigurable) we have gain the power to make more and …

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Using AI to add depth to your photos

LucidPix has announced the testing of their new App based on artificial intelligence that will allow the creation of a 3D image (or better, the perception of a 3D image) starting from a plain vanilla photo you have taken with your smartphone. The app is not available yet, it should …

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