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6G will follow 5G, that much we know – II

Of course, 5G is much more than the radio part and spectrum efficiency/use. It has a lot to do with network and service architecture. It is through a novel architecture that much lower latency can be achieved. It is the novel architecture that support the session management at the edges, …

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The computer says you’ll get well

In the June issue of “The Lancet Digital Health” an article is reporting the study undertaken by several researchers and medical doctors  (mostly from the University of Copenhagen) on data from more than 230,000 Danish patients who were hospitalised over the last 20 years at ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Clearly …

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Could earphones get as smart as the brain?

I cannot help but be amazed at how something  we not even notice being so natural, turns out to be extremely complex and difficult when we attempt to replicate in an artefact (e.g. implement that functionality in a computer). This is the case I became aware of when reading an …

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What if Mona Lisa starts to talk?

I have seen quite a bit of talking avatar, animation that sometimes look like the real thing and some other times are clearly intended to represent an artefact. What surprised me when I saw the video clip (watch it) was the amazing capability of endowing a life into a still …

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What about an undersea drone?

The Gladius Mini undersea drone, how about taking a plunge with no need to get wet? Image credit: Gladius Drones have become a usual sight and it is unlikely you or one of your friend do not have a drone or at least saw one hovering nearby. The killer application, …

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Neurograins may be the future of BCI

Neurograin chips contain a coil-shaped on-chip antenna at their perimeters. The antenna surrounds uplink and downlink circuits that transmit and receive at megabits-per-second data rates.  Brain Computer Interfaces have been around for several years and have benefitted from evolution in both sensors, communication and signal processing domains. Underlying these evolutions …

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