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Pervasive AI in Soccer (and football)

That Ai is pervasive and supporting more and more activities is not a surprise. However, I should say I was intrigued listening the other day to a radio station focussing on soccer (Radio Sportiva): The discussion was on whether a certain soccer club should buy or not a soccer player …

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The magic of slow motion recording

It was a long time ago when I first saw, and was fascinated, by the image of a bullet going through an apple.How could one possible capture “the moment”? At that time, indeed, it was magic. Today’s technology makes it easier (not easy!) to capture these kind of moments. It …

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“Perceiver”: getting closer to AGI

A significant progress in AI has been made in the last years thanks to the Transformer (August 2017), a Google software able to understand written text. This has opened up the possibility of tapping to an immense knowledge base available on the Web. It is like saying that we have …

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Hands-free farming

Being a farmer meant spending a good deal of your life in the open, tilling, seeding, weeding, watering and harvesting. A lot of these activities have been made easier, and more effective, over the last fifty years by using machines to the point that today a farmer is more similar …

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Digital Therapeutics

If you split the total cost of healthcare based on what is ensuring your health you’ll discover something interesting: 20% is attributable to medical cure, including visits, exams, prescriptions 20-30% relates to your lifestyle, what you eat, drink, exercise, smoke (not smoke), positive attitude,… the remaining 50%+ is related to …

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Designing chip layout with AI

The complexity of designing microchips keeps growing. We have chips today that embeds more than a billion transistors and you need to connect them with one another in very specific ways to get the kind of circuits you need. Let’s get this straight. It is now a long time that …

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From gene editing to gene writing

The discovery of the DNA first and the sequencing of the human genome have created huge expectation for a future where it would be possible to radically cure/stop genetic diseases (and there are over 6,000 genetic disorders already identified). Clearly the first step is to understand what might be wrong …

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The car’s mind

One of the problem we are facing when talking with one another is to know what the other person “knows” (or perceive). It pops up once in a while when it is clear that there is a misunderstanding, most of the time this misunderstanding does not exist (or, more likely, …

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