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Megatrends for this decade – XV

a) Design of raw material Humankind discovered the first alloy long, long time ago. Historians place the date somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago. In the current Iran/India area our ancestors were using copper and discovered that smelting certain copper ore, like Olivenite and Tennantite resulted in a stronger …

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Digital Crutch or Digital Transformation?

Next Monday, December 7th, I will be giving the Opening Keynote at the ITU Kaleidoscope 2020 (you guessed it, it will be a fully on-line event and you can register here). The event, as shown in the banner will be focussing on Industry-driven Digital Transformation. It will address the path …

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Megatrends for this decade – XII

11. Insurance: from “recovery after risk” to “prevention of risk” Today we insure our home, our car … ourselves from accidents and insurers evaluate the risk such accident may happen. To do that they are using statistics and more and more try to customise the risk evaluation to be as …

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Megatrends for this decade – X

9. Living in a software “cocoon” Some of us have already achieved a familiarity with AI assistants, like Alexa, GoogleHome or Apple HomePod. The obvious evolution is towards an increased smartness of these assistants and, in turns, this will be leading to a “personalisation” of the interactions. Think about it: …

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Megatrends for this decade – IX

8. The coming age of AI-Human collaboration what iThis Megatrend is already affecting our life in many ways as well as affecting business. Think about talking to Alexa or Siri: you are actually bringing AI into your everyday life.  Pick up your phone and take a picture: AI is at …

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Megatrends for this decade – VIII

7. AI au pair with Human Intelligence 1956. This is the official starting point of the race to create an artificial intelligence that can match the human one.. Some 20 mathematicians and scientists brainstormed for 8 weeks to outline a path forward. The hope was to be able to create …

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Megatrends for this decade – VII

6. Everything is smart, embedded intelligence This Megatrend may appear “outdated”. If you look around with a lay-person’s eye you’ll see plenty of ads claiming “intelligence” of products, most of the time in a ridiculous way. The first (that I know of) “intelligent” toothbrush debuted at CES 2017, now you …

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Megatrends for this decade – IV

3. Increased lifespan Humankind lifespan has been stable, around 30 years was life expectancy for most part of the recorded history, probably less in the hundreds of thousands of years we have no written record. This relatively short life span didn’t mean that a few people couldn’t live longer, we …

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Megatrends for this decade – II

Global Abundance Although we usually hear dark predictions on shortage of food for a world population that keeps increasing, production data tell a different story. As shown in the graphics productions is actually improving faster than the population growth (this is for cereals, it is true for several other areas, …

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