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Cough, and let your phone report it

The Covid-19 epidemic has stimulated research around the world for ways to early detection of infection. Since the virus leads to a variety of symptoms that change from person to person the quest for a symptom based detection is difficult. On the other hand, even the possibility to raise a …

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Using AI to create the Digital Twin of … You

Researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, have used AI to create Digital Twins of people’s body, the digital twin of your body. The goal is to help monitoring your wellbeing and detect the insurgence of sickness before you perceive any symptoms. Having the possibility to become aware that something …

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It’s a fake, at least according to AI

Artificial Intelligence has progressed to the point of making possible to create pieces of music, novels and newspapers articles, paintings… imitating the style of a given artist to the point that it can fool “experts” (take a look at the clip, where original and AI Bach pieces are played – …

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Human Machine Symbioses

MIT has just announced the establishment of a new research centre, the Lisa Yang Centre for Bionics,  focussing on the fusion of  human body and advanced technology aiming at overcoming disabilities. This includes use of exoskeletons and brain computer interfaces. The centre start with an initial funding of 24 M$ …

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