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If you can’t beat it, join it

Chess used to be a game where intelligence ruled. It ruled so much that it became a benchmark for artificial intelligence. Then on May 12, 1997, a computer (IBM’s DeepBlue) beat Kasparov, the chess world champion. From that moment many people acknowledged that computers are better than humans at playing …

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Ecosystems 2.0 – VIII

Data are created by sensors and aggregated by the company (institution) that has an interest in those data (and probably owns/deployed the sensors). Data creation, as noted, is a fall out of the Digital Transformation, companies digitise their environment and create data that are used by them and can be …

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Do you want the real one or the fake one?

Skylum has just announced the future release of Luminar AI, expected later this years, that, as the name suggests, will be making use -heavily- of AI in all stages of photo editing. To advertise their products, and stimulating people to pre-order, they are presenting a number of images showing the …

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The weight of bits

Just three weeks ago an article was published on Phys.org reporting on a study by Melvin Vopson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Portsmouth, and his reflection on the nature of bits, considering the mass energy equivalence (Einstein), the application of thermodynamics to …

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Sleight of Ear

Just in yesterday’s post I mentioned optical illusions and how we can trick our brain. Now I come up with an IEEE Spectrum article describing a machine learning based software, AutoFoley, developed at the University of Texas at San Antonio, able to create sounds mimicking real sounds to the point …

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Leveraging Patterns – IV

There are quite a number of characteristics that can be used to create a digital signature. For humans, as an example, we can use face recognition technologies, as mentioned, or gait recognition (this latter is based on image recognition plus movement analyses). Notice that iris and fingerprint analyses are not …

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Leveraging Patterns – III

A digital signature is a pattern identifying in a unique way an entity. Notice that this entity can be a specific washing machine, a person, an industrial activity, even a city. No matter what, if in a given context you can find (through signal processing) a pattern matching the digital …

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Using AI to “look” into a photo

When we look at a photo, or to an image on a television screen, the signals from our eyes to the brain tell the story of a flat surface. However, our brain interprets the image, understands that there is a building and a bench and “knows” that these objects are …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on Jobs – III

In March 2019 the OECD published a report “Preparing for the changing Nature of Work in the Digital Era” analysing the various impacts of digitalisation on current work activities. It pointed out that 14% of jobs may disappear as processes and activities (particularly “white collar” activities) move to the cyberspace …

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