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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – VII

  Senses Augmentation We already have a number of “tools” that let us explore the “reality” out there beyond the possibility offered by our senses. Think about the telescopes that have opened up the vision of other galaxies, and even better think about the radio telescope that has allowed us …

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Megatrends for this decade – XLV

Discussing the set of Megatrends with a number of people, both from academia and industry, it became clear that these are not independent trends, they are influencing one another. This of course is not a surprise, whenever one is trying to peer into the future several factors have t obe …

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Megatrends for this decade XXVI

18. Hi-Res VR in Retail VR – Virtual Reality- and AR – Augmented Reality- have been the talk of the town for quite a while. In the beginning the focus was on VR, the possibility of exploring with our senses virtual worlds in an immersive way to the point that …

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Megatrends for this decade – X

9. Living in a software “cocoon” Some of us have already achieved a familiarity with AI assistants, like Alexa, GoogleHome or Apple HomePod. The obvious evolution is towards an increased smartness of these assistants and, in turns, this will be leading to a “personalisation” of the interactions. Think about it: …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on jobs – VI

jo Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, more and more, are becoming the tools to access the cyberspace. As more and more data are available and artificial intelligence/data analytics dig into these data creating new ones the complexity of the information exceeds the analytical capability of the single worker, yet this …

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Lights and Shadows… let’s wrap it up – II

Organisations and Processes As companies scrambled to adjust to the pandemic they had to face the suitability of present processes to the new reality. Organisation and processes are a crucial component of today’s business. They shape the company and provide the competitive advantage. Changing processes and the organisation is more …

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