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A glimpse on 2025 – II

Continuing the analyses of the Huawei’s proposed 2025 technology trends: 3. Super Sight Augmented and Virtual Reality are quite widespread if we think, as an example, about the use of a smartphone as a lens providing a translation of a text by overlaying the translated text on the original one …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XVIII

 The future of Digital Twins remains to be written, although what is going on now and what is going to happen in the coming 2-3 years is pretty straightforward.  DTs are a reality in manufacturing and their use will further expand to cover more equipment and processes. The association of …

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We are getting smarter!

Few days ago I stumble onto the Flynn effect, the significant -average- growth of the IQ of world population, as shown in the graphic. Basically, it was noticed that in the last century, that is as far as we have data to compare, the intelligence level of the population worldwide …

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Personal Digital Twins: Memes 2.0 – VIII

This points to the “when”  question. What is the likely roadmap that will steer this evolution? Digital twins have been adopted, and finely tuned, by industry (over 15 years ago). Industry has set up a whole environment to host and in which leverage digital twins (the digital transformation has been …

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AR stands for “money”

Apple is, with the possible exception of the military industry, one of the most secretive companies around when discussing future products (and features). There are, of course, plenty of rumours and quite a few of them turn out to be true. Once in a while, however, we get a statement …

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AR and VR shopping: a peek at the future

Shopping is partly “need” partly “fun” (and for some, partly” compulsive”). If it is a response to a need any technology that can help in taking a decision would surely help the customer. If it is for fun any technology that can increase the emotional feeling will be a hit. …

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Spotting veins using AI

Technology is providing a helping hand to medical doctors and healthcare operators. One area is helping in finding the veins of a patient. Normally nurses (and doctors) do not have any problem in finding a vein in the arm to draw blood or inject drugs. In a few patients, however, …

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Macro changes ahead – IV

4. Healthcare The whole Healthcare system is on a journey of change learning to leverage on data. The Digital Transformation, DX, of healthcare started slow, in spite of the huge amount of data available, because of the sensitivity of the area where the wellbeing of a single individual may become …

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Teaching AR vs Teaching through AR

5 billion smartphones and tablets provide a huge platform to deliver augmented reality content everywhere to everybody. The growth and pervasiveness of high speed communication infrastructures (wifi, 4 and 5G) plus the huge storage capacity of devices (acting as a local solution where connectivity is not available) is another enabling …

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