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Yes, there is an app for that!

The Brood X cicadas have emerged in hundreds of millions from their 17 years sleep underground and are now humming on trees in the eastern part of the US. It is an amazing phenomena, but that is not really the point of my post. The first information we have recorded …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XIII – Doctor at home

Healthcare at home At home healthcare is nothing new. As technology progresses there are more and more opportunity for continuous monitoring and remote diagnostics. I remember I started to be involved, from a Telco perspective, in telemedicine 40 years ago as we were looking for application of ISDN, an amazing …

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A “magic” ring

In the last few years more and more people have started to turn to their watch to glance at their fitness, how many calories have been burnt through the day, how many steps have been taken, even look at their heart beats through the day. People practicing sports have been …

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A changing world measured in Internet time

It has become a sort of tradition to see an infographic describing what is going on every 60′ (on average) on Internet. Last year Internet user reached 4.39 billions, an increase of some 400 million on 2018, 9%, a growth that is mostly due to the growing number of smartphones …

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So many Big Brothers… III

Imag Apps Every time I use an App on my smartphone (as well as on my tablet, Pc., Smart Television,…) this app is getting data from the interaction I am having with it (and the OS is getting the info that I am using that app at that specific time, …

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If it can be done… it will

In these times of Governments and Healthcare institutions looking for a digital tool to monitor and contain the epidemic by using an app a number of critics are voicing against this approach because of privacy and security concern. What in the beginning is designed as an app to fight the …

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