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AR stands for “money”

Apple is, with the possible exception of the military industry, one of the most secretive companies around when discussing future products (and features). There are, of course, plenty of rumours and quite a few of them turn out to be true. Once in a while, however, we get a statement …

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2025 Outlook: Healthcare

The amount of technology used in healthcare is huge, and growing. As shown in the graphics there is a relentless surge of new technologies that are advancing all aspects of healthcare. Significant progress over the coming 3 years is expected on (in order of shorter deployment horizon): Digital Health Insurance …

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Designing chip layout with AI

The complexity of designing microchips keeps growing. We have chips today that embeds more than a billion transistors and you need to connect them with one another in very specific ways to get the kind of circuits you need. Let’s get this straight. It is now a long time that …

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Smartphones, and more, are getting cloudy

Processing is cheap, actually it is not! On the one hand we have seen a continuous decrease of processing cost but at the same time we have been increasing our (our applications) need for processing to the point that it made sense to create huge processing infrastructures that can be …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XVII – Healthcare DX

Digital Transformation of Healthcare Until 2019, in the pre-Covid era, Healthcare was lagging behind several other sectors in terms of Digital Transformation. The music sector as well the travel sector were well ahead, and even the manufacturing sector was considered to be much more advanced than healthcare. The pandemic did …

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