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Happy Birthday 4004!

I started to work in 1971 and after a few months I made my first acquaintance with the 4004. It was an extraordinary chip, the first microprocessor ever, firstly manufactured in March 1971, fifty years ago, packaging an unbelievable 2,300 transistors. I remember how excited all people around me were, …

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Megatrends for this decade XXVI

18. Hi-Res VR in Retail VR – Virtual Reality- and AR – Augmented Reality- have been the talk of the town for quite a while. In the beginning the focus was on VR, the possibility of exploring with our senses virtual worlds in an immersive way to the point that …

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So many Big Brothers V

Photography I was born in the age of film rolls. There were rolls with film for 12, 20 and 36 shots and before shooting a shot you always asked: “will it be worth it? Should I wait for a better opportunity?” The peak of film photography was in 2001 with …

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So many Big Brothers… III

Imag Apps Every time I use an App on my smartphone (as well as on my tablet, Pc., Smart Television,…) this app is getting data from the interaction I am having with it (and the OS is getting the info that I am using that app at that specific time, …

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Viruses and Bits

It’s Easter but we are not talking about eggs, rather about the epidemic. The virus did not take a vacation time and waiting for a vaccine that is still down the road is unsatisfactory. So many people are turning to technology and to bits in particular. There is an unlimited …

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LIDAR hits mass market

LIght Detection And Ranging, LIDAR, is a technology used to create an exact tridimensional map of the environment. It is not a new technology, it started in the 1960ies as a way to map the Earth surface from an airplane. The airplane was equipped with a laser generating pulses and …

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