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Personal Digital Twins: Memes 2.0 – IV

How could Personal Digital Twins be connected to the idea of memes 2.0? When will they have an impact? Well, look at the graphic: that curve is representing the Amara’s law (or I would say “Amara’s observation”). When we look at new, emerging, technologies we usually perceive them as more …

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Bringing eCommerce forward and … backward

The pandemic has accelerated the access to eCommerce and, possibly more important in terms of future evolution, it has brought more customers and more shops (owners) to the cyberspace. This is creating more competition in a market seeing a few behemoths and a growing number of small businesses. For the …

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Automotive: disruptions ahead – II

That data are going to play a major role in the future of automotive, both as tools to streamline several activities (like proactive maintenance, safety and security, traffic management and even design hints for future releases) and as a way to deliver new services (car as a service, transportation as …

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A nice, ugly surprise

It already happened to me twice, and possible to thousands of other people around the world. I got an email with a link, courtesy of Amazon, that told me to look at what happened that day in 2003 (once, the other time was 2002, I seem to remember). I duly …

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“Come on, Answer to me!”, said Alexa

Many of us have become used to talk to Alexa. There are an estimated 94 million people in the US owning a smart speaker (up from 76 million in 2020). They are growing everywhere and if you include smartphones with smart personal assistant capability the numbers are in the billions! …

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