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In memory computing for AI

As the Moore’s law is slowing down also on the performance axes (it has stopped on the economics axes in 2015) researchers are looking at alternatives to keep improving the performances, both searching for materials alternative to silicon (notably in the area of 2D materials like graphene and molybdenum disulphide) …

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Humans not needed …Inflection point?

A Google team has published a paper on Nature describing the new generation of AlphaGo. Well, the very name of the new generation is significant: AlphaGo Zero.  One would have expected that the new generation would have been named “Old + 1”, yet they decided to start from scratch and …

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See and Spray Technology

John Deere, one of the largest maker of agricultural machines, was criticised in the last years for the introduction of technologies in their agricultural machines because the farmers could no longer fix problems by themselves, as they have always used to do, but had to call in specialised assistance. Now …

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Networked Intelligence makes cars safer

Work is accelerating on increasing the autonomy of cars, aiming at self driving cars in the next decade, and in their cooperation to increase safety. This latter goal, although self evident, is much more complex that it would seem. Imagine two cars, one following the other. It is evident that …

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Fake? Worse! It’s a meme

I just read an interesting, and thought provoking article, on Wired.  My reading came after a few months of headlines reporting on the problem of fake news, the latest referring to the terrible shooting that took place in Las Vegas. In Wired the journalist takes a different tack. The photo …

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Turning your smartphone in a medical diagnosic device

The general availability of smartphones pushed researchers to leverage on them as diagnostic tools. In the past few years a number of “adds on” have been created to let smartphones morph into virus/bacteria detector, measurer of a variety of substances, like glucose and so on. Basically, researchers take advantage of …

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Life 3.0

In my search for information relevant to the recently launched Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative I stumbled onto a fascinating book written by Max Tegmark, Life 3.0. When discussing on life from a scientific point of view the first question coming to the fore is what is meant by life, in …

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Autonomous systems on the rise.

I have been discussing for quite a bit now the technologies that are making autonomous systems possible. Indeed, the forecast is towards an increase of their presence in the next decade. Artificial Intelligence is at the core of autonomous systems. It will permeate them in different degrees, the more autonomous …

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