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Congrats Xiaoyi. You are now a medical doctor.

Millions of students have passed the exam to become certified doctor, so one more shouldn’t make the headlines, unless it happens to be a robot. Actually, Xiaoyi is the first robot to pass the exam. And it passed with flying colours, getting 456 points out of 600 (96 points above the …

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Autonomous Systems in 2018

The FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative stems from the growing presence of autonomous systems in our daily life, from autonomous vacuum cleaners to drones, from self driving cars to robots in manufacturing. The evolution in this area will be both “invisible” and “spectacular”! There will be a smooth, almost imperceptible …

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How does a machine think?

We are so used at doing most of our daily activity that we seldom stop to reflect on what goes on in our head. Our senses feed our brain with data and it is up to the brain to make “sense” and take action (actually this is not always true, …

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Watching in the brain … what you are watching

What seemed pure science fiction just 5 years ago is now becoming a matter of perfecting technology to make it better: seeing what you are seeing by looking at your brain activity. Researchers at Purdue University have demonstrated “mind reading” decoding technology.  Three volunteers’ brains were monitored using fMRI -functional …

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The evolution of … Humans

Cleary humans have evolved. Our lost ancestors were different from us in shape and most notably in mental capabilities. The evolution occurred over hundreds of thousands of generations and it is only across these long periods of time that it becomes visible. Going back 2.000 years, or even 10.000 years …

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