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Artificial Super Intelligence

As part of the second White Paper produced by the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative I am discussing the evolution towards Artificial Super Intelligence.  We will be discussing this at the Workshop in San Diego on October 30th and at the TTM 2018 following the workshop.  Don’t miss it! Today Artificial …

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Testing self-driving cars in a smart cyberspace

As part of its Future Mobility Grand Challenge – watch the clip- the UK Government is funding the creation of a sophisticated ambient simulator, OmniCAV,  recreating 32 km of Oxfordshire roads, including rural and village roads. OmiCAV will be used as a testing environment for CAV -Connected Autonomous Vehicles- and it …

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Detecting fake images using AI

Slide 1 | Your Content Slide 2 | Your Content Slide 3 | Your Content Adobe Photoshops (as several other image processing applications) makes it easy (and easier with any new release) to tamper with the images captured by a digital cameras. Bits are bits and you cannot distinguish one …

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Nanomagnetism may be just around the corner

Storage technologies, along with processing and communications technologies, have been the engine of evolution in these last sixty years. The more storage we have and the more storage we need. However, it is not just about “quantity”. As a matter of fact we have now so much storage in use …

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Too much technology to do stupid things!

I was reading yesterday the demise of TickTock, a Silicon Valley start up that focussed on robotics in the home. Their vision was a home where many of the chores would be done by several robots, each one with its own focussed task. Rather than building a very complex robot …

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AI to beget AI

Artificial Intelligence has progressed enormously, partly through the creation of new algorithms, mostly by leveraging on processing power and endless availability of data. Insights coming from the study of brains (plural intended, since we are learning from brains as simple a worms and as complex as ours), neuronal circuitry, are …

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AI helping in tracking our “best” life moments

Life-logging, the idea of recording our life moments, goes back to several decades (Vannevar Bush: the quantified self, 1945) but it has become “feasible” in the last fifteen years. Probably the most famous life-logger was Gordon Bell, a Microsoft researcher emeritus now retired, that started wearing a camera around his …

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