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Bringing eCommerce forward and … backward

The pandemic has accelerated the access to eCommerce and, possibly more important in terms of future evolution, it has brought more customers and more shops (owners) to the cyberspace. This is creating more competition in a market seeing a few behemoths and a growing number of small businesses. For the …

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Manufacturing in the cyberspace

Design in the cyberspace is a reality since many years now. First it was the use of CAD to create a digital model, then tis digital model was shared with the supply chain to design components. Nowadays several platforms operating in the cloud allow co-design of a product by having …

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Can you guess what is this for?

Technology is progressing and this is great. However, sometimes I wonder if this is the progress we are looking for… I stumbled on Ebo Catpal, a robot that, as the name suggests, has been designed to entertain your cat, becoming its pal. Assuming getting a pal for your feline friend …

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Megatrends for this decade – X

9. Living in a software “cocoon” Some of us have already achieved a familiarity with AI assistants, like Alexa, GoogleHome or Apple HomePod. The obvious evolution is towards an increased smartness of these assistants and, in turns, this will be leading to a “personalisation” of the interactions. Think about it: …

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Megatrends for this decade – VIII

7. AI au pair with Human Intelligence 1956. This is the official starting point of the race to create an artificial intelligence that can match the human one.. Some 20 mathematicians and scientists brainstormed for 8 weeks to outline a path forward. The hope was to be able to create …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on Jobs – IV

The Digital Transformation by drastically flattening the value chains, stimulating the aggregation of ecosystems (much easier in the world of bits) and accelerating the obsolescence of knowledge drives the emergence of new types of jobs and new ways of offering one’s expertise. This has already been pointed out in a …

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A chip to change the rules of the game

Digital Cameras, yes also the ones embedded in smart phones, have advanced functions for image recognition. The objective of those functions is to set the ideal focus and exposure to get a good photo. An experienced photographer might do a better job (although in cases where decision time is very …

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Let’s face the fact: Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword everybody knows although nobody would be able to really explain what it is…. The root of the world goes back to that famous paper calling to arms researchers for a summer project on artificial intelligence to be held at Dartmoor, …

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