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Digital Transformation: Impact on Jobs – IV

The Digital Transformation by drastically flattening the value chains, stimulating the aggregation of ecosystems (much easier in the world of bits) and accelerating the obsolescence of knowledge drives the emergence of new types of jobs and new ways of offering one’s expertise. This has already been pointed out in a …

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A chip to change the rules of the game

Digital Cameras, yes also the ones embedded in smart phones, have advanced functions for image recognition. The objective of those functions is to set the ideal focus and exposure to get a good photo. An experienced photographer might do a better job (although in cases where decision time is very …

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Let’s face the fact: Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword everybody knows although nobody would be able to really explain what it is…. The root of the world goes back to that famous paper calling to arms researchers for a summer project on artificial intelligence to be held at Dartmoor, …

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Crowdsourcing in the skys

I bet it happened to you. most likely several times, to check a flight on FlightAware.I travel quite a bit and the FlightAware app on my smartphone is always just a click away. Over the year I came to trust FlightAware more than the info provided by the airlines themselves, …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIV

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) III OK, so after having discussed the evolution of API let’s go back to the use of platforms as enabler of the shift from products to services (and ecosystems). The evolution of products is first towards flanking them with add-on services (see graphic …

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Platforms, Present and Future XII

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) I What follows is the result of several interactions I had with key people (CEOs, CTOs, Directors) in several industries covering a broad spectrum of verticals, from mechanical to textile, from food to transportation. The general comment I got is that industry is …

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