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Megatrends for this decade – X

9. Living in a software “cocoon” Some of us have already achieved a familiarity with AI assistants, like Alexa, GoogleHome or Apple HomePod. The obvious evolution is towards an increased smartness of these assistants and, in turns, this will be leading to a “personalisation” of the interactions. Think about it: …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces II

Voice interaction is different in many ways from “typing” interaction. One difference is the delocalisation of the computer/machine. You don’t need to be physically connected (with your fingers typing) you just need to be heard. This has some interesting perceptual implications. In spite of the image I have shown at …

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Helping autism with deep learning enhanced robots

Rosalind Picard and her team at MIT launched several years ago research in the area of affective computing, computers that can interact with humans taking into account the emotional level of the person interacting with them. They were designed also in ways to appeal and stimulate interaction, like having an …

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