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A momentous shift ahead

According to a market research published by ABI Research presented at their on line 5G Technology Summit on July 14-16 (you can watch the recording here) there will be a growing spending on private 5G networks (those serving factories, malls,…) in the coming year to the point that the yearly …

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Starlink: telecommunications from above

Over the last 30 years there have been a number of projects to create a satellite constellation, low orbit, able to create a communication infrastructure in the sky. Back at the end of the 80ies the idea of a constellation of satellites turned into a concrete project with Iridium, a …

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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers VII

Evolution from (tele) communication infrastructures to communications fabric – I The evolution of telecommunications infrastructures has followed the path of lower and lower hierarchy. From the very rigid structure of networks based on electromechanical exchanges (where the network structure dictates the routing of calls) to increased flexibility with electronic exchanges …

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What if …Reality+Digital Reality becomes … Reality – IX

Interestingly digitalisation/softwarization is happening not just at product/equipment level but also at system/network level. An airplane engine (turbine) has its digital twin, creating a digital model in the cyberspace that can be used in many ways, including the provisioning of information via virtual and augmented reality to designers, maintenance crew, …

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Present and Future of Communications II

So what will happen next? I closed the (skimpy) overview of the present of telecommunications emphasising the growing role of data and AI. These are the key technologies that will transform communications in the next decades. Talking of decades, we have seen a basic cycle of ten years in wireless …

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New SSD with 100+ layers enters production

It was September 12th, 1958, when the first integrated chip was demonstrated by Jack Kilby at Texas Instrument (for the record, that first chip was using germanium, not silicon. Robert Noyce few months after that first chip was able to create one based on silicon). It took 12 more years …

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6G will follow 5G, that much we know – II

Of course, 5G is much more than the radio part and spectrum efficiency/use. It has a lot to do with network and service architecture. It is through a novel architecture that much lower latency can be achieved. It is the novel architecture that support the session management at the edges, …

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