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Education leveraging on 5G

Very recently the Ministry of Education in Italy has “promoted” the use of the smartphone in classrooms, recognising a positive role they can play in education. This is a strong signal of change in Italy, and it is mirrored in several other Countries, recognising that technologies can make education more …

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Entertainment leveraging on 5G

The area of entertainment will be seeing significant changes and the one leading the pack, with a potential impact on communications requirements, is going to be augmented reality, AR. Notice that AR already, and more so in the future, is being applied in a variety of areas. We already have …

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Industry 4.0 leveraging on 5G

I have heard quite a few times, often from Operators, that the Industry 4.0 absolutely needs 5G and I saw them explaining that it needs higher speed (capacity) and lower latency.  Now I do not say that this is wrong but I do not see it as a real driver …

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Do we need 5G?

Do we really need 5G?   The short answer is NO.  The long answer is YES. It is NO because we are living pretty well without it and all the innovations that are being planned, in Industry, Health Care, Smart Cities, Entertainment, Health Care, Transportation…. you name it, are being …

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Carrying 10 Exabyte of cars generated data

Toyota announced on August 10th the creation of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium, along with Intel, Ericsson, Denso Corp, NTT and NTT Docomo. The consortium has the goal of developing an ecosystem for connected cars able to leverage on the huge amount of data that vehicles, and particularly autonomous vehicles …

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Fog is clearing up

Yesterday I spoke in a panel on fog, the shift of clouds to the edges of the network. The panel focused on the business drives and consequences. The four panelists, although came from different sectors, agreed that fog is inevitable from a business viewpoint. For some it will be a …

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