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Digital Transformation – The loss of value

In the previous posts I made some unpleasing statements, like the fact that the Digital Transformation is decreasing the overall value of a value chain, by increasing its efficiency and eventually moving the benefits to the end consumer that will be paying a lower price. Obviously, if the price is …

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Immersive connection on the move

Cars are getting smarter, thanks to investment being made by car manufacturers. However, the Digital Transformation of cars is opening up new doors, and new opportunities, to companies that are not manufacturing cars but are expert in the digital world and they are most likely to be the ones that, …

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The larger the bandwidth, the smaller the workforce?

Verizon has increased steadily the capacity of its network and the capacity offered at the termination points over the last decade and it is investing to continue doing that in the coming one, mostly through 5G and its supporting core network(s). In parallel Verizon workforce has decreased steadily, losing 80,000+ …

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TTM 2018 Overview – I

Yesterday I participated at the first day of Technology Time Machine in San Diego, an exciting event stimulating my grey cells. Get the final program.  Here I am sharing a few notes. Streaming of the talks will be available soon at the TTM website. It started with a keynote from …

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Data at the edges

The Moore’s law, the doubling of transistors on a chip (of a given size) every 18 months and the parallel having of cost per transistor has basically been matched by the growth of data, hence, roughly speaking, our capability to process data has been in synch with the number of …

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