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Drones took to the skys. Where are they going? – VI

We have already had 5 drone generations (not considering military drones) with the 6th in the deployment and the 7th in the making: Basic Remote Control Fixed camera, low res video recording and digital images, manual control Assisted piloting (obstacle avoidance), 2 axes gimbal camera mounting, HD recording Autopilot mode, …

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What if …Reality+Digital Reality becomes … Reality – IX

Interestingly digitalisation/softwarization is happening not just at product/equipment level but also at system/network level. An airplane engine (turbine) has its digital twin, creating a digital model in the cyberspace that can be used in many ways, including the provisioning of information via virtual and augmented reality to designers, maintenance crew, …

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Present and Future of Communications II

So what will happen next? I closed the (skimpy) overview of the present of telecommunications emphasising the growing role of data and AI. These are the key technologies that will transform communications in the next decades. Talking of decades, we have seen a basic cycle of ten years in wireless …

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Present and Future of Communications

The new IEEE COMSOC Technical Committee Newsletter is out and you can read it here. It contains a number of very interesting technical articles and a short, candid,  interview I gave on the present and future of communications. Whilst the articles may need a bit of technical savvy to be …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIII

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) II I just mentioned in the previous post the relevance given by industry to platforms and ecosystems. Actually, the two are connected or, better, have to be connected to match industry interest. A platform provides its services through APIs -Application Programming Interface. For …

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WiFi 6 is rolling

The WiFi 6 standard, IEEE 802.11ax,  is now supplemented by the certification program (issued by the WiFi Alliance, important because it ensures interoperability of devices) and WiFi enabled devices are starting to appear on the market (iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10 have WiFi 6). What is most important is that …

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