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A glimpse on 2025 – V

7. Tailored Streets Here again Huawei is using an unusual naming, Tailored Streets, to indicate the expected evolution of vehicle to whatever communications. The quest for full autonomy continues, and it always seem just ’round the corner. Autonomous vehicles have been demonstrated, there are a few autonomous cabs in service …

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A glimpse on 2025 – III

5. Friction-less communication Digitization is now everywhere: our world of atoms is cresting a parallel world of bits at an unprecedented rate: some 1.7 Mbyte per person per second! This figure includes everything, data created by taking a photo with a smartphone, songs, mails, tweets, design of industrial components, tracking …

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5G Network Digital Twin(s)

The 5G network is increasing the already complex 4G network monitoring and management. Introducing more flexibility and eventually deferring some operation and management aspects to third parties (users) through network slicing (a user can customise 5G by creating a sort of personalised network within the network) increases overall complexity. Operators …

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Intelligent Twin

I, recently, attended a webinar on the future of airports with several players, and industries, discussing how next generation technologies could re-imaging global airports (at the time I am writing this post the recording of the webinar is still available and it makes for an interesting listening). I was intrigued …

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The sky is getting crowded ….

There are some 8,000 satellites orbiting over our heads (watch the clip), an incredible number if we think how much a satellite used to cost (including the cost of launching it) just 20 years ago. All of a sudden technology has slashed the cost, completely changing the economics of space …

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Macro changes ahead – III

3. Manufacturing Manufacturing has been evolving smoothly since the industrial revolution experiencing some leaps when first electrification was introduced, then computarization of tools and more recently computarization of the whole plant (RPA Robotic Process Automation, still under deployment). Additionally, we have seen leaps in processes first with the assembly line …

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Autonomous Systems on rails

A month ago I reported on the plan to activate a fully autonomous train in Hamburg on the S-Bahn by Deutsche Bahn (it will start operation in the first week of December 2021). Now I spotted a news of testing in Japan the possibility to have the Bullet train (operating …

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Outlook 2025: where are we? where are we going? – II

By 2025 industry is expecting to see a much greater impact of 5G, both private 5G in the production environment and public 5G to support products and services in operation; continuous growth of application of artificial intelligence, again both inside the company to improve efficiency of production and resilience/optimisation of …

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Outlook 2025: where are we? where are we going? – I

5 years ago, back in 2017, I prepared a graphic summarising the expectations of several industry leaders I contacted, directly and indirectly through members of the Industry Advisory Board of the IEEE Future Direction Committee. The questions those leaders were asked to answer were prodding their feelings on the relative …

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