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A momentous shift ahead

According to a market research published by ABI Research presented at their on line 5G Technology Summit on July 14-16 (you can watch the recording here) there will be a growing spending on private 5G networks (those serving factories, malls,…) in the coming year to the point that the yearly …

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Planning for the New World – VIII

Strengthening Regional Development This is the closing post of this series. In all previous ones I have considered the World as a single entity, and I pointed out that cooperation is needed, both at the level of a single multinational company (Corporate Governance), at the level of supply and delivery …

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Planning for the New World – V

Redesigning Social Contracts, Skills and Jobs The Digital Transformation is shifting the needs, and values of human contribution to wealth creation in several sectors. It is not the first time such a shift takes place, three centuries ago it was the industrial revolution powered by steam and later on by …

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5G: picking up steam or slowing down?

The Ericsson Mobile Report June 2020 is out and it makes for interesting reading. Clearly one should keep in mind that Ericsson perspective is the one of a company that need the equipment market to pick up steam as soon as possible… Here the points that I found notable: The …

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Planning for the new World – II

Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution We are already in the path of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the one characterised by a merging of the physical, digital and -at least for some- biological world. Personally I tend to limit the characterisation to the merging of physical and digital leaving the merging …

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Home-working for truck drivers

There is plenty of activities that we can do from remote, as we have had plenty of opportunities to experience in these last months of lock down. However, for sure, you cannot drive a truck from home, wouldn’t you? As a matter of fact a Swedish company has decided that …

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Could the convergence of Mixed Reality, Robots and Social Networks be the future of hybrid attendance and participation in conferences and other gathering events?

Posted on behalf of Louis Nisiotis and Lyuba Alboul As a result of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the wide-reaching recommendations for discouraging or even prohibiting large gatherings, many conferences, concerts, matches and tournaments, and various meetings have either being postponed, cancelled or changed venues, with some of them deciding to …

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