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Megatrends for this decade – XLIV

This has been a long series of posts, the longest I wrote. The aim in presenting these Megatrends was to stimulate discussion and quite a bit occurred, I received several comments out of some 30,000 views. Wow! That’s why I decided to revise all posts and create an ebook (you can …

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8K for our homes

It is now about a year (since last CES, the physical one back in 2020, not a virtual one like this year) that 8k television has become available (it has a definition of 7680×4320, vs a 3840×2160 of a 4k television). But you needed big pockets to get one (consider …

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Self Flying Camera

There are quite a number of drones, in the market and in the air, that are carrying a digital camera for breathtaking photography and filming from the 3rd dimension. Actually, the success of drones can be tied mostly to their capability of carrying a camera and opening a new world …

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The race to more storage capacity is still on

I haven’t been posted for quite a while news on the evolution of storage performance. Moore’s law has come to a halt in 2015 in terms of economic squeezing of cost per transistor but industry kept working on improving storage media under the pressure of end users demand. The shift …

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