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A glimpse on 2025 – V

7. Tailored Streets Here again Huawei is using an unusual naming, Tailored Streets, to indicate the expected evolution of vehicle to whatever communications. The quest for full autonomy continues, and it always seem just ’round the corner. Autonomous vehicles have been demonstrated, there are a few autonomous cabs in service …

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Megatrends for this decade – XLIV

This has been a long series of posts, the longest I wrote. The aim in presenting these Megatrends was to stimulate discussion and quite a bit occurred, I received several comments out of some 30,000 views. Wow! That’s why I decided to revise all posts and create an ebook (you can …

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A wireless network out of this world

NASA is working to establish a permanent presence on the Moon and it is looking at the variety of issues that would raise. One of this is to have a telecommunication network so that moonlings can communicate, as earthlings do. Hence the funding of 14.1 million $ to BellLabs, owned …

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