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IEEE Telepresence

Description: Advance telepresence technology that would enable a user’s remote presence at a different physical location: a) feeling as if being there, and b) having a similar effect as if being there – in appearance to others and  in effectual action, via telerobotics.

Vision: Focus on teleoperations. Operate/manipulate equipment as if present in cabin/control room. Move heavy equipment, drive agricultural machines, perform tele-medicine.

Fields of Interest: Accelerate the missing technology components and encourage integrated telepresence systems. Create new interfaces for teleoperations. Create Community, Roadmap, Standards


IEEE Future Directions Workshop: The Future of Telepresence

The Future of Telepresence Workshop will be held 1-3 November 2021.  Click to learn more.


Project Chair

Adrian Stoica, PhD

Adrian Stoica, PhD is a Senior Research Scientist and Principal at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). During his over 25 years at JPL he was Principal Investigator for many government projects funded by NASA, DARPA, OUSD, USAF, etc; he supervised the JPL Robotic Systems Decision, Estimation, and Controls group for 10 years, and is now Program Manager for the JPL Blue Sky Studies Program. His joined IEEE 30 years ago, and during the last decade he has been most active in IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, where he served twice as Vice-President. He is also active in IEEE Future Directions, IEEE Systems Council, and other IEEE Units. He is a NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Fellow. Adrian founded 3 conferences on adaptive systems for space, quality of life, and secure technologies. His expertise and passion covers several areas including intelligent machines, telepresence, robotics, human-machine systems and space exploration. He is enthusiastic about telepresence and teleoperations – in the sense of being able to see, feel and act remotely – and thinks it will profoundly transform the society..


Get Involved

Interested in participating in the IEEE Telepresence small project?

Contact: Project Chair, Prof. Adrian Stoica, PhD or Project Manager, Mahjeda Ali