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IEEE Digital Privacy Workshop

As every aspect of our lives become increasingly “digital”, digital privacy has become a top social concern. Given the growing importance and power of cyberspace, societies are quickly trying to define and navigate the future of digital privacy and determine technological solutions, new policies, and frameworks needed to protect individuals while maintaining support for digital services. There are several broad areas where the landscape is undefined, where policies still need to be developed, and where IEEE expertise may greatly impact the future of “privacy” on-line. The Digital Privacy Project is exploring how IEEE can best add to this discussion – bringing the perspective of technologists – to help advance solutions to protect personal and private information.

Our Missions/Goals

– The IEEE Digital Privacy effort is dedicated to advancing solutions that champion Digital Privacy of personal and private information
– Promoting the development and use of organizational and global architectures, public frameworks, privacy enabling technologies, standards development, compliance with user enacted control of personal data, devices and applications privacy parameters, neutral governance bodies, and policy-supporting legislation
– Fostering alliances within IEEE OUs, and between IEEE and other global organizations institutions with similar objectives to achieve widely-accepted solutions and standards
– Maintaining neutrality of operations and public visibility of controls to the greatest extent possible


Driving Needs

– Most privacy regulation and protection efforts are focused on Corporate Data Protection
– Individual privacy is a top social concern, but personal Digital Privacy solutions are under-developed and inadequate
– Privacy should be implemented as a primary architectural facet (not an afterthought)


IEEE Digital Privacy Resources

For questions, please contact digitalprivacyinfo@ieee.org.


Project Chair

Chris Gorog, Project Chair

Christopher Gorog, MBA, PMP, CISSP is the CEO/CTO of BlockFrame Inc., Founder of International Alliance of Trust Chain, Chair IEEE Blockchain Special Committee on Privacy and Security, Founder of the Blockchain Development Community, Blockchain SME Advisor to Colorado Legislator, Founder & Host of New Cyber Frontier Podcast, Professor, Published Author, Candidate for Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and Research Partner at University of Colorado, Arizona State University and Colorado State University