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Coming soon – a new website for the IEEE Digital Privacy Initiative is currently under construction.


Digital privacy is about the appropriate use of personal and private information in the digital world. As every aspect of our lives become increasingly “digital”, digital privacy has become a top social concern.

Given the growing impact of cyberspace, society is trying to define and navigate what privacy entails and what future technological solutions, new policies, and frameworks are needed to protect individuals while preserving the digital conveniences and services we all desire in our lives. There are several broad areas where the landscape is undefined, where policies still need to be developed, and where IEEE expertise may greatly impact the future of digital privacy.

The Digital Privacy Initiative is exploring how IEEE can bring thought leadership to the discussion while maintaining neutrality. Our initiative will:

  • Bring the voice of technologists to the conversation, which is often addressed from a legal and social perspective,
  • Facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration to advance research, promote standardization, and create tools and solutions to champion digital privacy for individuals,
  • Integrate the efforts across IEEE OUs that are working on different dimensions of digital privacy for a united front to engage with other stakeholders.

The Initiative advocates a user-centric perspective considering privacy needs of the individuals rather than the security of data/products/organizations. We believe the latter are already being addressed by other efforts.

If you are interested in joining this initiative or have questions, please contact digitalprivacyinfo@ieee.org.



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A Synergistic Approach to Digital Privacy – White Paper (PDF, 199 KB)


Initiative Chair

Chris Gorog, Project ChairChristopher Gorog, MBA, PMP, CISSP is the CEO/CTO of BlockFrame Inc., Founder of International Alliance of Trust Chain, Chair IEEE Blockchain Special Committee on Privacy and Security, Founder of the Blockchain Development Community, Blockchain SME Advisor to Colorado Legislator, Founder & Host of New Cyber Frontier Podcast, Professor, Published Author, Candidate for Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and Research Partner at University of Colorado, Arizona State University and Colorado State University.