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Products and Services

This section will outline steps and information to evaluate and develop a product not within the traditional IEEE core competencies.

Business Case Development

Developing a business case will allow the initiative to outline potential market for the proposed product.  The case should include the following elements.  

  • Mission or Vision: Define how this product supports the strategic direction and mission of IEEE
  • Product Audience definition
    • Survey potential audience to get an idea of feasibility
    • Will there be international factors to consider (issues specific to a local market that may affect viability)
  • Market Research for potential existing/related products:Define market potential with audience data and competitive analysis, overall size of market, projected growth
  • Outline possible monetization options
    • Subscription based
    • Unit charge
    • Sponsorship model
  • Initial cost estimations
  • Competitive advantage: Identify aspects of this product that will provide a competitive advantage to IEEE over possible other similar products
  • Measures of success: Identify what measures will be used to determine if the product is successful

Product Definition Development

  • Product Scope: Determine what key features and USP this product has
  • Product requirements definition
  • Product development planning

IEEE Related Process

  • Development of Business Case Document (BCD)
  • Obtain approval of BCD and secure funding
  • Start writing BRD (Business Requirements Document)

Product release planning

  • Product Roadmap
  • Beta release
  • Initial Launch
  • Maintenance of product
  • End of Life

Best Practices for Development of Products or Services

  1. Establish an up-front written contract with OU(s)/society(ies) to develop a specific application or product, and keep them involved in the process throughout to insure engagement and commitment throughout the lifecycle of the initiative..
  2. Partner with IEEE MSD (Marketing, Sales, and Design) from the start of the initiative

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