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Future Directions Handbook

Version 1.0, November 2017 

The purpose of this Future Directions Handbook is to provide guidance while creating and developing an IEEE Future Directions Initiative through its entire life cycle. This includes best practices, lessons learned, ideas for building new products and services, ideas for revenue generation, identifying proper organizational roles and responsibilities, and establishing budgets and financial goals. As part of the life cycle for an initiative, guidelines will be provided on completing an initiative, possible outcomes, and exit strategy. It will be continuously updated as new ideas and processes are identified.

The audience for the document is volunteers and staff who will be working on a Future Directions Initiative at any point during its life in Future Directions. The document can be used in its entirety by a chair of the initiative or a steering committee member, or individual chapters can be referred to by volunteers working in a particular area, such as Conferences and Events or Publications.

Table of Contents

  1. Goals, Strategic Plan, and Measures of Success
  2. Funding
  3. Organization Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities
  4. External Presence, Marketing, and Promotion
  5. Conferences and Events
  6. Publications
  7. Education
  8. Products and Services
  9. IEEE Standards
  10. Building External Relationships
  11. Transition