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IEEE Future Directions Committee

The IEEE Future Directions Committee (FDC), in association with Societies, Councils, and OUs, anticipates and determines the direction of existing, new, and emerging technologies and related issues, and spearheads their investigation and development by IEEE. Taking a holistic view, the FDC emphasizes new, emerging technical areas and drives them to maturity within the IEEE infrastructure. Additionally, the FDC serves as a liaison to and fosters cooperative efforts among Societies, Councils, and industry to develop new products and services in emerging topics.

Name Position
Christine Miyachi Chair
Celia Desmond Vice Chair
Dejan Milojicic IAB Chair
Rakesh Kumar Roadmaps Chair
Gustavo Giannattasio Members-at-Large (Technology & Engineering Management)
Okyay Kaynak Members-at-Large (Industrial Electronics)
Witold Kisner Members-at-Large (Educational Activities)
Ellis Meng Members-at-Large (Engineering in Medicine and Biology)
Kirsten Morris Members-at-Large (Control Systems)
Maciej Ogorzalek Members-at-Large (Circuits and Systems)
Jeewika Ranaweera Members-at-Large (Electron Devices)
Grayson Randall Members-at-Large (MGA)
Adrian Stoica Members-at-Large (Systems Council)
May Wang Members-at-Large (Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Signal Processing)
Ruey-Beei Wu Members-at-Large (Antennas and Propagation)
Anding Zhu Members-at-Large (Microwave Theory and Techniques)
Georges Zissis Members-at-Large (Industry Applications)
Doug Zuckerman Members-at-Large (IEEE-USA)
Subhas Mondal Members-at-Large (SA)

FDC Industry Advisory Board

The IEEE FDC Industry Advisory Board (IAB) works to build relationships with industry, identify key technologies and trends, and offer advice on the roles that IEEE Future Directions might play in advancing those technologies.

Name Affiliation
Dejan Milojicic IAB Chair, HP, Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Labs
Klaus Beetz EIT Manufacturing, CEO
Matt Bros Compass-EOS, Chairman and CEO; Former CTO at BT and CSO at Huawei
Stephen Dukes Dreamerse, President
Gabriele Elia TIM, Innovation Officer
Luigi Gambardella European Rep for Open Fibre in Brussels, President of the Europe China Innovation and Business Interchange
Hideo Kuwahara Fujitsu, Fellow Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Brian Levy West Oxfordshire Consulting, CEO and Managing Consultant , Former CTO HP and Brocade
Bernie Meyerson IBM, Chief Innovation Officer
Damir Novosel Quanta Technology Expert, President; ABB former VP Global Product Management, former PES President
Roberto Saracco Past IEEE FDC-IAB Chair

IEEE Staff

Name Position
Bill Tonti Senior Director, IEEE Future Directions – non-voting
Kathy Grise Senior Program Director, IEEE Future Directions – non-voting