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IEEE Digital Privacy Workshop
7-8 October 2021 | Virtual

Registration: Coming soon.

Event Overview
Privacy is a top social concern, but personal Digital Privacy solutions are under-developed and inadequate. The goal of this 2-day workshop is to facilitate discussion on the definition, scope, and common interests in the area of Digital Privacy for potential future collaboration. We invite you as a stakeholder to contribute, and to share with us your perspective of Digital Privacy and why it is important to your community.

Workshop Topics will include:

  • Policies, Ethics, and Social Benefits
  • Business Data Handling and Use
  • Technologies, Frameworks, and Standards
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • International and Cultural Variants


  • The IEEE Digital Privacy effort is dedicated to advancing solutions that champion Digital Privacy of personal and private information
  • Promoting the development and use of organizational and global architectures, public frameworks, privacy enabling technologies, standards development, compliance with user-enacted control of personal data, devices and applications privacy parameters, neutral governance bodies, and policy-supporting legislation
  • Fostering alliances within IEEE OUs, and between IEEE and other global organizations and institutions with similar objectives to achieve widely accepted solutions and standards
  • Maintaining neutrality of operations and public visibility of controls to the greatest extent possible

Driving Needs

  • Most privacy regulation and protection efforts are focused on Corporate Data Protection
  • Individual privacy is a top social concern, but personal Digital Privacy solutions are under-developed and inadequate
  • Privacy should be implemented as a primary architectural facet (not an afterthought)

Workshop Agenda
Coming soon.