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As technology continues to evolve and change the way we live, it is vital to stay informed. IEEE Future Directions offers continuing education opportunities, from introductory webinars to advanced course programs, in a wide range of topics. Featuring insight from experts in industry, academia, and government, IEEE Future Directions provides the best resources to expand your technical knowledge base.

Offerings include:

IEEE Blockchain

Course: Designing Blockchain Solutions: Making the Case
Earn 1 PDH / 0.1 CEUs
Is a blockchain solution the right way to go? For companies making the case for or against a blockchain solution, three key steps are required: strategic assessment, opportunity assessment, and a readiness assessment. This course provides a template with examples for learners to use and populate in order to come up with their own conclusions.

Position Paper: IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy (BCTE)
This Position Paper describes the basic framework and principles for using blockchain technology in power and energy domains with the emerging participatory grid.

Access more learning resources at the IEEE Blockchain portal.

IEEE Digital Privacy

Course: Digital Privacy: Principles, Regulations, and Ethics
Earn 1 PDH / 0.1 CEUs
In this course, we introduce privacy as a concept and clarify common misconceptions surrounding privacy, leading to defining digital privacy and introducing a privacy taxonomy capturing common privacy-related violations. We also focus on core concepts necessary in the organizational context including common privacy principles. In addition, we focus on the key drivers of digital privacy around the globe, namely seminal laws and regulations. Finally, we explore the ethical foundations of privacy and discuss the use of the ethical framework to help practitioners make sound decisions in complex situations.

Access more learning resources at the IEEE Digital Privacy portal.

IEEE Digital Reality

Course: Practical Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Business and Society: The Case of Gaming
Earn 1 PDHs / 0.1 CEUs
In this course we look at the impact of video games on the evolution of real world intelligent and immersive realities. From humble, niche beginnings, video games have grown to become a $160 Billion industry impacting the lives of billions of people worldwide. One aspect of video gaming that makes it unique is that it has always been driven by the desire for maximum fun, not the need to solve a specific real-world problem. This has driven both the development and commercialization of new technologies such as the GPU, and led to some highly creative workarounds.

Course: Digital Transformation: Game-Changing Opportunities
Earn 1 PDHs / 0.1 CEUs
Learn about the technical and societal impacts of the Digital Transformation in this four-module course program featuring: Four Cornerstone Opportunities in Communication; Five Major Opportunities in IT and Manufacturing…and a Warning; Six Targets for Digital Transformation in Industry, Agriculture, and Energy; and Five Targets for Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Finance, and Education.

Access more learning resources at the IEEE Digital Reality portal.

IEEE Future Networks

Course: 5G Networks
Earn 10.5 PDHs / 1.05 CEUs
In this cutting-edge course program, produced in cooperation with Nokia, learners will receive an in-depth view of performance requirements, future scenarios, and the roadmap to implementation. This three-course program includes: Discover 5G; Understanding 5G Fundamentals; and 5G System Principles.

Webinar: Roadmap Towards Federated Testbeds for Future Networks
In this webinar, the IEEE Future Networks Initiative (FNI) Testbed working group provides an overview of their activities and highlights challenges towards the evolutions of testbeds for future networks over 3, 5, and 10-year horizons.

Access more learning resources at the IEEE Future Networks portal.

IEEE Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) Satellites and Systems

Live Panel: Space Education Panel Discussion
During IEEE Education Week in April, the Low Earth Orbit Satellites and Systems Project will be hosting a panel discussion moderated by Program Manager, Mahjeda Ali. The event will take place virtually on Thursday, 7 April at 10 AM US ET. The panel will consist of 5 speakers and address the importance of space education for students in high school today. Additionally, panelists will be discussing what the future of education may look like in terms of subject areas related to future technologies. Register Today.

Access more learning resources at the IEEE Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) Satellites and Systems page.

IEEE Telepresence Talk: Telepresence in Education, Hologram Professors by Carla Victoria Ramírez López
During IEEE Education Week in April, the Telepresence project will be promoting a previously recorded talk on “Telepresence in Education, Hologram Professors” by Carla Victoria Ramirez Lopez. Carla Ramírez is the Leader of Educational Innovation and the Hologram Professor Initiative at Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Access more learning resources at the IEEE Telepresence page.

IEEE Quantum

Podcast: IEEE Quantum Podcast Series Episode 11: A Conversation with Pete Shadbolt, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, PsiQuantum
This episode of the IEEE Quantum Initiative podcast features Pete Shadbolt, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, PsiQuantum. Pete talks with us about the challenges and benefits of achieving a million qubit, fault tolerant quantum computing system.

Virtual Panel: IEEE Quantum Talks – Quantum Software Stacks
IEEE Quantum Talks covers the latest in quantum computing research topics and related technical areas. This recent session features keynote talks and a virtual panel addressing the topic of Quantum Software Stacks.

Access more learning resources at the IEEE Quantum portal.