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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Connect your sneakers to the Internet

I remember some 15 years ago, at the Future Centre of Telecom Italia, a pool of young researchers, many from Brasil, discussing what the future might look like and one of the idea was to have everything, but really everything, connected to the internet, creating data and those data being …

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What can you do with a billion photos?

I have plenty of photos, close to 50 thousands, stored on my computer but that is a far cry from the billions of photos Facebook “owns” (I placed the “own” in quotes because I am not sure to what extent they really own our photos but for sure it seems …

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Bits are green. Right? Wrong!

Bits seem evanescent: the last photo you took probably was converted into some 50 million bits, the zoom call you just finished, it was a quick one, just 10′,  has brought  2 billion bits to your home (the actual number depends on the number of people in the call and …

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Happy Birthday 4004!

I started to work in 1971 and after a few months I made my first acquaintance with the 4004. It was an extraordinary chip, the first microprocessor ever, firstly manufactured in March 1971, fifty years ago, packaging an unbelievable 2,300 transistors. I remember how excited all people around me were, …

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Walking again with an exoskeleton

Millions of people have lower-limb paralyses limiting their movement possibility and affecting the life of their families (in addition to limiting their possibility to find a job). The Toyota Mobility Foundation set up a 4 million $ challenge in 2017 to come up with effective devices that could overcome this …

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Data Driven Culture

I have been involved in the last two weeks in a nice initiative by TIM to create and deliver a series of “information pills” on Data Driven Culture targeted at the whole workforce (40 thousands +). I found this quite interesting and notable. Data for a Telecom Operator have been …

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Electric cars carbon footprint

I am involved in a group in Turin, Italy, setting up a lab for sustainable mobility and there is lot of talks on hydrogen as a fuel, electrical vehicles (of different sorts) all of this under the umbrella of sustainability, lower CO2 emission, circular economy. The more you look into …

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Splitting pixels for faster autofocus

I still remember my first film camera (I was really proud of having a camera!). It had an optical indicator that as I turned the focus ring on the lens showed a detailed area in the frame split in two that recomposed into a single image once the focus was …

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A project for a sustainable city

Just few days ago I had a conf call with Janet Garcia, Founder and CEO of Bleutech Park. (I inserted in “italics” sentences taken verbatim from Janet). This is a moonshot project aiming at developing a self-sustainable city by leveraging the most advanced technology that is at the same time …

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