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Have we reached the limit of our brains? – I

Just after yesterday’s post I was pointed to a NYT article discussing the possible limits of our brain in terms of storage and processing (that would be computer geek parlance, in lay terms: its limits in remembering and understanding) and of ways to overcome those limits. The article is titled …

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Cough, and let your phone report it

The Covid-19 epidemic has stimulated research around the world for ways to early detection of infection. Since the virus leads to a variety of symptoms that change from person to person the quest for a symptom based detection is difficult. On the other hand, even the possibility to raise a …

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Using AI to create the Digital Twin of … You

Researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, have used AI to create Digital Twins of people’s body, the digital twin of your body. The goal is to help monitoring your wellbeing and detect the insurgence of sickness before you perceive any symptoms. Having the possibility to become aware that something …

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Copying the brain

Crunching data faster and faster is what computer industry has been doing over the last 60 years, tracking with amazing precision Moore’s law. Since 2014/2015 Moore’s Law has reached its limit, first in the economics (the price per transistor is no longer decreasing) and then in density (we can no …

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They know our whereabouts

Can’t help but smile when I hear about “privacy”… Privacy is a figment of our imagination as we spend more and more of our life in the cyberspace. Even when we think to be living in the physical space we are connected to the cyberspace and our shadows is captured …

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