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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Rivers of bits under the oceans

Our planet is encircled by optical fibre cables laid under the oceans and connecting continents. As of 2018 there were over 350 fibre optic cables under the oceans, for a total length exceeding 1 million km and a capacity in the Pbps range (total capacity). Although the present capacity exceeds …

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Swapping batteries? No … but YES

One of the big issues for electric vehicles is the long time it takes to recharge the batteries. Even the fastest recharging station today requires quite a bit of time. much more that filling her up with fuel. So why not just stop at a service point and swap the …

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Home printing, really meaning home printing!

3D printing keeps growing in performance, decreasing in cost and therefore expanding the fields of applications. A good example is the area of house printing. The first 3D printers for building constructions appeared, as commercial product in 2017, and could print a 40 square meter house for little more than …

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