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Digital Transformation: Impact on jobs – V

Although the Digital Transformation is sharply decreasing cost by moving activities to the cyberspace the cost of maintaining the cyberspace is growing and part of it relates to the increased number of jobs needed. In several areas the shortage of skills is one of the main hurdles faced by companies …

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Exascale computing is getting near

It looks like the roadmap towards Exascale computer power is – almost – on track. The University of Florida is expecting a 700 PFLOPs computer to become operational early next year. That would be 30% short of an Exascale power (a billion billion instructions per second). Interestingly -watch the clip- …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on Jobs – IV

The Digital Transformation by drastically flattening the value chains, stimulating the aggregation of ecosystems (much easier in the world of bits) and accelerating the obsolescence of knowledge drives the emergence of new types of jobs and new ways of offering one’s expertise. This has already been pointed out in a …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on Jobs – III

In March 2019 the OECD published a report “Preparing for the changing Nature of Work in the Digital Era” analysing the various impacts of digitalisation on current work activities. It pointed out that 14% of jobs may disappear as processes and activities (particularly “white collar” activities) move to the cyberspace …

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Digital Tranformation: Impact on Jobs – I

The Digital Transformation, DX, is having a profound impact on jobs by: Replacing human workers with automation Removing the need for some type of jobs Changing the way jobs are performed, usually requiring different set of skills Creating new job opportunities in new emerging sectors Increasing the demand for DX …

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Would you like a Vish for dinner?

I am seeing more and more news on 3D printing food. A recent report from ResearchAndMarkets forecasts a growth from 485 million $ expected in 2020 to 1 billion in 2025. So far most of the talks have been hopes enveloped in marketing, aimed mostly at Venture Capital. There are …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – XXVI

The Pandemic Impact on the Gig Economy The recent pandemic hit the Gig Economy and possibly changed its evolution in two main ways: Emphasised the critical work environment with low societal protection Boosted the Gig Economy with, possibly, lasting effects Critical Work Environment The insecurity of work intrinsic in the …

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