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The tangled world of Energy

Beyond the tragic number of war victims the Russia-Ukraine confrontation is having a -growing- impact worldwide and for several European Countries a strong impact on energy sourcing. eas The ramification of energy shortage/increasing cost is broad, affecting industries, families and single individual. It goes even further impacting the climate on …

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Nice image. Who drew it?

I have already posted news on the possibility to use AI to create images and changing existing ones. I, for one, am using an image editor that leverages AI to detect object boundaries so that you can change that object without affecting the other parts of the photo, like increasing …

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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – X

Let’s now consider the first issue: identifying and applying a new business model. They are separate aspects, obviously both important, but involving quite different strategies and leading to quite different impact on the enterprise/institution. The starting point should be the analyses on how the “status quo” changes as we execute …

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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – IX

As it should be clear from the discussion on Digital Transformation, the changes are clearly leveraging on data and technology to exploit them but the crucial issues are twofold: Identifying and applying a business model that can generate revenues from the data exploitation Re-thinking the organization to be in synch …

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Turning to apps for Healthcare

The shift towards remote healthcare supported by software applications seems to be unstoppable. The pandemic has clearly steered adoption in areas like remote consulting, remote prescription, first level self-diagnoses (or better awareness on symptoms that might require medical assistance) The graphic, I took it from an interesting McKinsey report on …

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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – VIII

aving a Personal Digital Twin as a “container” of data and a “framework” is fine but it is unlikely to stimulate users’ adoption. Sure, one can use it as a “personal global repository” but to really stimulate adoption and make the person perceive a value the PDT should deliver some …

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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – VII

Let’s consider then the use of a Personal Digital Twin as a “container” of data and as a framework for these data use (knowledge, access, sharing, …). A company, like IEEE, could offer, as I mention, to create on behalf of its customers/users their Personal Digital Twin, based on the …

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The truth and the hype of Quantum Computers

I am no expert in quantum computer, nor in quantum computing. I read a lot about both, I attended quite a number of meetings where quantum was discussed (including the ones at the IEEE Future Direction Committee where there is a Quantum Initiative), yet I remain uncertain about the real …

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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – VI

In addition to data explicitly requested to its customers, a company can accumulate data, deriving them from the interaction that the customer has with the many services/products the company offers. This is what many players on the web do. Google, Amazon, … are acquiring and aggregating information on their users/customers …

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