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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Are you ready for WebAR?

Two days ago the  COMPSAC 2019 panel organised by FDC-IEEE on the topic of the Convergence and Transformation of Data Digitally via AI, ML Autonomous Systems was an opportunity to discuss the relation between the Digital Transformation and Extended Reality. Quite a few of us are already using their smartphone as a tool …

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A quick view at Digital Transformation

Yesterday I gave a talk on Digital Transformation at COMPSAC, here’s the gist of it. In the beginning, there were atoms, and we aggregated atoms into products, we invented tools, processes for managing atoms and our job was to make and use those tools and the processes linking the various …

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Mediated sight

NASA has announced working on a supersonic plane, the X-59, that will be able to cross the sound barrier (1234km/h in dry air at 20°C, an easy number to remember) without producing the sonic “bang”.  Such a plane would be able to pass the speed of sound over inhabited area …

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Cobots in Manufacturing

I am working, with several other people, in the preparation of the third White Paper on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems focussing on today’s use, after the first White Paper addressing the Vision and the second detailing the Roadmaps, and I am looking for contribution from industry in addition to the ones …

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LIDAR is getting cheaper

Detecting what’s around is the first crucial task of an autonomous vehicle (the second one is to understand what’s there and the third is foreseeing the likely movements in order to take appropriate decisions). By far the best technology for detecting (still and moving) ambient objects is LIDAR (LIght Detection …

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Evolution of Digital Twins’ Market space

The Digital Twin market is possibly one of those with the highest growth, and part of the reason is that it is both fuelling the digital transformation and it is fuelled by the digital transformation. Another reason is that the success of digital twins in areas like manufacturing and operation …

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Smart Agriculture

Italy, as most Countries in the world, used to be a country of farmers and farmers were at the same time considered “dense” and “field-smart”. We even have a saying in Italian about the “intelligenza contadina” -farmer intelligence- meaning a kind of intuitive grasp of reality, been smart on concrete …

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