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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

It might take a lot to look younger

Whilst humanity have long pursued the dream of eternal youth with basically no success so far (although the quest is as strong as ever!) movie makers have taken a few shortcuts to make actors look younger on the screen. So far the application of cosmetics (make up) have allowed the …

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AR now understands 3D objects

Current software libraries for AR, the ones programmers are using to speed up their work, support the creation of a layer where one can insert artefact, digital entities, to overlay of real objects captured by, as an example, the camera of your smartphone. You point your smartphone to a building …

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From HMI too HITL

We have been using tools for as long as we defined ourselves “human”, actually the use of tools pre-dates home sapiens, going back 2.3 million years ago at the time of homo habilis (we, sapiens, started to walk the world some 500,000 years ago). The Human-Tool interface was straightforward you …

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