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So many Big Brothers VI

Social Media The variety of data that are harvested by social media is huge and their quantity is staggering. In social media, much more than in any other funnel of data gathering, the key factor is the correlation of data. It is not as much about what you are sharing …

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So many Big Brothers V

Photography I was born in the age of film rolls. There were rolls with film for 12, 20 and 36 shots and before shooting a shot you always asked: “will it be worth it? Should I wait for a better opportunity?” The peak of film photography was in 2001 with …

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So many Big Brothers… IV

Entertainment It used to be the national television and radio programs and the providers new basically nothing about me (the state, in Italy, knew you had a television set because they charged you an annual “tax” on that). Now, I subscribe to Netflix, to Apple TV, to Amazon Prime, and …

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So many Big Brothers… III

Imag Apps Every time I use an App on my smartphone (as well as on my tablet, Pc., Smart Television,…) this app is getting data from the interaction I am having with it (and the OS is getting the info that I am using that app at that specific time, …

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Transforming computation for AI

One of the problem with present AI is that we have (basically) stopped to create “intelligent” algorithms and took the approach of creating algorithms that by self-learning can get smarter and smarter. Problem is, this self-learning needs tons of data and it looks like we are approaching a sort of …

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So many Big Brothers… II

Shopping “Born to Shop”. I remember seeing this on a t-shirt long long time ago in Carnaby Street, London, at a time when having writings on a t-short was new and eye catching. At those times Internet was yet to come and computers were nowhere to be seen in everyday …

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So many Big Brothers… I

In his Nineteen eighty-four novel Orwell imagined a Big Brother that, using telescreens, was able to see and control people. He wrote it in 1949 and imagined that people were constantly reminded of this by the warnings appearing everywhere “Big Brother is watching you”. Today I feel we are well …

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Lights and Shadows… let’s wrap it up – II

Organisations and Processes As companies scrambled to adjust to the pandemic they had to face the suitability of present processes to the new reality. Organisation and processes are a crucial component of today’s business. They shape the company and provide the competitive advantage. Changing processes and the organisation is more …

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Lights and Shadows… let’s wrap it up – I

It is obviously too early to draw conclusion on the long term impact of the pandemic, however some trends are starting to emerge: Acceleration of the Digital Transformation — and slow down The pandemic, as I pointed out in the previous posts, has accelerated the execution of the Digital Transformation …

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