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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

From time-lapse to hyperlapse

The magic of computational photography seems to lead to never-ending discovery of creative opportunities. The basic idea behind computational photography is that once you have captured an image in digits you can manipulate those digits in many ways, thus resulting in an image that is both artificial (it could not …

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The future is already in your ears

Earbuds have become so tiny and light that you can forget you are wearing them. For some, they have become an integral part of their “persona”. Let a few years go by and the broad adoption of aural augmented reality (getting augmented information through sound and voice, seamlessly, through earbuds) …

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Plastic batteries

The growing usage of renewable sources makes it crucial the management of energy flow, both when there is plenty of it available and no corresponding demand (you want to store the excess production) and when there is no or little availability (no wind, non Sun, …) and the demand exceeds …

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Magical science

Have you ever dreamt of becoming invisible? There are plenty of books with situations where someone has the power to become invisible and of course that opens up a broad set of opportunities. Unfortunately, outside of books invisibility is not easy. There are a few stealth weapons (airplanes) but these …

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What’s the prognosis? Ask AI.

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina have developed and tested an AI system, based on deep convolutional neural network -dCNN-, on real patients hospitalised with Covid. The system used lung CT scan to rank patients on a severity scale predicting hospitalisation time, the likelihood  of deterioration leading to …

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A deep twin for your heart

I had recently an interesting discussion with people from Dassault on the topic of using Digital Twin in healthcare. Dassault has significant experience in Digital Twins, they have participated to the creation of a virtual Singapore using Digital Twins in modelling and simulation of several processes (and infrastructures) since 2015. …

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Cognitive Digital Twins: Ethical and Societal Impacts

In September 2021 I had the opportunity of giving a webinar with Patrick Henz and Derrick de Kerckhove discussing the emerging technology of Cognitive Digital Twins -CDT. CDTs are sort of Digital Twin, embedding knowledge snd able to “execute” that knowledge. The word “execute” is the crucial one, setting CDTs …

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Looking at history from a GDP perspective

I recently read a book, “The Silk Roads” (yes, in the plural) by Peter Frankopan. I found it really interesting since it looks at the history of the world, from the very beginning of historical records, from the point of view of economics, showing how economic forces have steered politics, …

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Stack it up!

Squeezing more transistor on a slice of silicon cost too much. Since 2014/2015 the prediction of Moore that we would be seeing a decreasing cost per transistor on chips as they become smaller no longer holds true. However packaging more transistor in a chip remains a goal, since the more …

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