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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Are we reaching the inflection point for AR/VR?

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been with us for some twenty years at least. Yet, they have failed to really permeate our society and become an everyday commodity. This is basically tied to the availability (rather lack of) of effective devices. True, twenty years ago there was …

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Jobs forecast: ups and downs

As I previously mentioned in this blog, I was fortunate to participate in the Future of Work  team led by Dejan Milojicic and had the opportunity of listening to several people all around the world on today’s  challenges, tech opportunity, societal shifts that are shaping the future of work. I …

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The home Digital Transformation

There is a growing number of start up, as pointed out in a nice Wired article, that are convinced they can re-invent the concept of “home”. Four cabins walls, would be just right for me, I need a threshold I can cross where I can sit and gather moss for …

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AI can “see” in the dark

Our eyes are pretty good to see in the dark, during night time. Not as good as several other (nocturnal) species but quite good if you compare them to a digital camera. Actually, most of the caoability to recignise objects in the dark is not rooted in out eyes but …

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Human Machine Symbioses

I am working with Derrick de Kerckhove to finalise a book on the evolution leading to the merging of the physical space and the digital one, a topic that I am addressing from a technology point of view whilst Derrick looks into the societal and ethical aspects. I came up …

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“Living” in the Metaverse

Although it is not yet clear what the Metaverse is, and most importantly what it will be, there is a lot of talking about it, from the idea of a Second Life on steroids to the one of a continuum between the physical space and the digital space. This unfocussed …

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Echography on the go

I guess you have experienced a ultrasound test in your life. It involves a laying on a bed with a doctor moving a probe over the part of your body to be monitored. The probe generates ultrasounds that penetrate under the skin and bounce back at different rate depending on …

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What will “knowledge” mean in 2050? – XIX

19. Swarm Intelligence My view of Knowledge in 2050, hence, is along the line of:  continuous, and accelerating, creation of knowledge by humans and machines merging of knowledge and intelligence massively distributed knowledge, among humans and the ambient education has shifted from knowledge acquisition to knowledge transfer tools and knowledge …

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