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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

3D printed functional pieces of art

Just two days ago I posted the news of 3D printed up-scale housing in Texas and now I stumbled onto the news of another, although quite different, use of 3D printing to build houses. In this case it is Mask Architects, a young architectural design firm based in Sardinia, Italy, …

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Tractor beams are entering science

Remember Star Trek? Among the many jaw-dropping features it had, tractor beams were one of those that fascinated me most: a system that could deploy a force on an object over distance, pushing or pulling it. That was science fiction. As with several other magics we saw in Star Trek …

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3D printed homes for the well-to-do

I discussed home 3D printing is a number of posts in the past, in the last one (that I remember) I mentioned the shift towards use of 3D home printing for up-scale homes. Whilst the 3D home printing in the past was targeting low scale homes, to replace shack and …

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Robo-waiters from Dallas to the World

Robo-waiters are not a novelty. What is new is the environment and perception change brought up by the epidemic. In some areas we are having shortage of human resources in others we are seeing restaurants’ customers feeling uneasy to have to interact with waiters risking contagion. More important, possibly, are …

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Looking for the exact time? Here it is

Looking and creating tools to measure time has been a thousands years long endeavour. From water and sand “clocks” to ever more sophisticated sundials our ancestors did their best. Interestingly the quest was steered in the Western World by “business” reasons, whist in the Eastern World it was rooted, as …

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Got 3M$ spare for a few optionals?

Technology with wheels, that’s how I would call the latest Volkner Performance S camper. It is huge (watch the clip) and it is packed with (expensive) technology. The camper has a price tag of 2,035,000 € (I guess you can ask for a discount and pay the round figure!) but …

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The “New Normal” is really “New”

By all means the pandemic is not over, however in several Countries the number of vaccinated people is now significant. Vaccination is not a guarantee of immunity, but from a perceptual point of view many vaccinated people feel relieved and are going back to the pre-Covid behaviour. Are they? Well …

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