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Leveraging Patterns – IV

There are quite a number of characteristics that can be used to create a digital signature. For humans, as an example, we can use face recognition technologies, as mentioned, or gait recognition (this latter is based on image recognition plus movement analyses). Notice that iris and fingerprint analyses are not …

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Leveraging Patterns – III

A digital signature is a pattern identifying in a unique way an entity. Notice that this entity can be a specific washing machine, a person, an industrial activity, even a city. No matter what, if in a given context you can find (through signal processing) a pattern matching the digital …

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Using AI to “look” into a photo

When we look at a photo, or to an image on a television screen, the signals from our eyes to the brain tell the story of a flat surface. However, our brain interprets the image, understands that there is a building and a bench and “knows” that these objects are …

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Leveraging Patterns -II

Think about your day. Most likely on week-days you live home around 8, get some forms of transportation that goes through the same roads and get to the office around 8:45. On week ends the “pattern” change and may differs significantly one week end from the other although they have …

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Leveraging Patterns – I

The Digital Transformation is all about data. It creates data, it leverages on data, it uses data as a substitute of physical objects. In fact there are so many data that one of the opportunities arising from DX is to explore those data to extract useful information.  Rather than using …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on jobs – VII

As AR and VR become the bridge linking the cyberspace to the physical space and an integral tool in several professions. As any sophisticated tool they require specific training and in particular the acquisition of skill -through experience- in moving in between the cyberspace and the physical space. Any lay …

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New shoes for a new world

Our brain has been shaped by evolution to process and understand a multi-sensorial flow of data and to interpret them in a 4 dimensional space. Data that are generated in a lower dimensional space are re-interpreted by the brain to fit its 4 dimensional framework. So, when we watch a …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on jobs – VI

jo Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, more and more, are becoming the tools to access the cyberspace. As more and more data are available and artificial intelligence/data analytics dig into these data creating new ones the complexity of the information exceeds the analytical capability of the single worker, yet this …

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